Using the right personal statement to get into the law school of your choice

Using the right personal statement to get into the law school of your choice


You may think that it is over when your GPA is lower than what is required by the top law schools.  But, do you know that your personal statement can save the day?  Your personal statement is a requirement for your admissions anyway.  For some schools, they are valued higher, giving you a chance to shine.  Even to schools that value personal statements less, there is no doubt that they also have an effect. Because law schools rarely conduct interviews, they are happy to learn about your more personal side. So, start browsing examples of personal statements and try to see what makes some excellent and what makes some forgettable.

Examples of personal statements’ features that can get you accepted

When writing your law school admissions essay, you have to talk about the things that you have gone through before law school.  Emphasize the facts that directly relate your values and skills to law school.  Although you may not have outstanding grades, you may be surprised that you can still be accepted to a top school.  Excellent examples of personal statements can make your targeted school see that your great personality, not your grades, will make you an ideal lawyer. For law schools that conduct interviews, you may be able to reach that far.  Then, you will be able to answer pertinent questions personally.  Writing an excellent personal statement is then effective in getting you accepted to law school because it gives you a second chance.  Admissions committees will not judge you based on past mistakes but will accept you based on your attitudes, and on what you are willing to do to improve.

Examples of personal statements’ mistakes that can ruin your chances

Just as an excellent essay can get your application accepted, a terrible personal statement can ruin your chances of getting into law school.  This is true whether you have good grades or not.  A person with a carelessly written or boring essay will get your essay ignored.  What will law schools like about a student who does have excellent grades but cannot present himself or herself well?  Being a lawyer is being able to exude confidence and competence.

Writing examples of personal statements your target law school will love

So, even if you think that your grades are not that high, do not give up your dreams of becoming a lawyer.  Once you have a passion for something, you can express that through writing.  Your genuine desire to become a lawyer will show through your personal statement.  Admissions committees will still be on the lookout for geniuses but will not ignore applicants with vibrant personalities.  Even if you have average grades, you will be noticed over all your peers.  If you can stand out without the help of a transcript, you must be a person worth knowing.

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