Admissions Interviews: Making the Right Impression

Whether you are entering into college, graduate school, or a job position, you will probably have to go through an admissions interview. Aside from your personal statement, the interview is one of the few components of your application that will show your personal side to the admissions committee. Here are some tips on how to have a successful admissions interview.

Gathering pertinent information

The first step to having a successful admissions interview is to gather all of the information you need. Begin by taking note of your interview schedule and do what you can to free up that time slot. Next, gather some information on the background of the place and program you are applying to. This will help you answer and ask questions competently and completely.

Getting a head start

Like using examples of personal statements to prepare for writing your essay, you should also make use of example interview questions and answers to prepare for your interview. Many websites offer applicants help by providing some of the common questions that are asked during interviews. Also, use example interview answers to get ideas of the tone, quality, and style of answers that are expected from you as the applicant. This is just like using examples of personal statements to get ideas on the theme or topic for your essay. Preparation and practice is key for success.

Keep these tips in mind for a successful interview

* Try to have a conversation with interviewers, instead of merely answering their questions with a yes or no. You can do this by explaining your answers and asking your own questions.
* Do not be late or miss your interview schedule. If, for some reason, you have to postpone your interview or you think you may be late, try to contact the interviewer to let them know in advance.
* Be comfortable, but not casual. You should dress well, speak well, and act appropriately. Treat your interviewer with respect and always thank him or her after the interview.
* Just like you would not copy examples of personal statements, you also do not want to copy the example answers you find. Let your own personality, thoughts, knowledge, experience, and education shine through during your interview.

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