A Guide to Avoiding Sexual Harassment in College


Sexual harassment in the college setting is a serious issue that many educational institutions are trying to eradicate. Studies carried out by the American Association for University Women (AAUW) show that over 60% of both male and female students have been sexually harassed at their college or university. You don’t want to be a statistic, do you? Here are some tips on how to avoid sexual harassment.


Awareness is a key factor in avoiding sexual harassment. First, you should be aware of what sexual harassment is. Basically, sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome sexual behavior (physical, verbal, or nonverbal). In the college setting, assailants may be other students, friends, strangers, or even school employees. Use the Internet to research about sexual harassment. This can help you understand the causes, effects, policies, and laws that are related to sexual harassment. You should also know where to go and who to talk to should you become a victim yourself.

Tips for avoiding sexual harassment

* Be aware of your environment. Knowing the places and people around you is important. Try not to go to places that are unfamiliar to you and always try to bring your friends with you when you go to unfamiliar places in the university.
* Try to evaluate the way that you dress. Certain types of clothing may attract unwanted attention.
* Joking and teasing of a sexual nature is also sexual harassment. Do not put up with such behavior.

* If you feel uncomfortable in any way, let people know. Whether its an unwanted touch, unwelcome advance, or a sexual remark, speak out and let those around you know.

Seek help from your college

Most educational institutions, especially postsecondary ones, have their own policies on sexual harassment. Read your student handbook and know how far your school will go to help you. Joining an organization that seeks to fight against sexual harassment is another alternative. You can even meet new people and friends who are just as concerned about sexual harassment as you are.

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