Choosing Majors for Medical School and Law School

Whether you are thinking of going into law school or medical school, much preparation is needed to help you do well in your graduate studies in medical or law school. While there are schools that offer pre-med and pre-law tracks, others do not. Here are some ideas on which majors to take up to prepare you for medical school or law school:

Majors for medical school

Earning a degree in medicine will entail a lot of science classes. Some of the best majors for having a smooth transition to medical school are those related to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. This is because the education, training and experience gained in these science majors will be used in medical school as well. Other courses that students commonly go into before entering medical school include the Social Sciences and the Humanities majors.

Majors for law school

Law school students come from a wide variety of majors. Still, there are some majors that can better prepare you for dealing with law school. One of the most popular majors for law school preparation is Political Science. Psychology, Criminology, and Philosophy are also common courses for those planning on going to law school. Many of these courses focus on human behavior, research, and analysis, as well as logical thought.

Make it about you

Although some majors may include classes that are medicine or law related, the choice is still yours to make. Remember that the most important part of your college education is that you make something of it. You may be better off taking a course that fits your interests, skills, and experience. That way, you will be able to expand your knowledge, talents, and training in that field. Even though your course may not be ideal for medical or law school applicants, most graduate schools accept people from many different academic backgrounds. Set up a meeting with your guidance counselor or career planner so they can help you find the right academic path to suit your personality, aspirations, and inspirations.

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