Personal Statement Example: How to Cover up Flaws when Writing an Admission Essay

When applying to a post-secondary school, you will probably be asked to write an admission essay of some sort.  At first, it may seem like extra work, but there are some great benefits to writing a personal statement.  Perhaps the best benefit is that you can use the essay to explain or cover up some of the flaws on your resume or transcripts.(1)  Here’s how to cover up flaws when writing your admission essay:

Infuse humor and narratives to tone down your shortcomings and failures

Some personal statement examples employ humor and narratives to downplay the shortcomings and failures of the applicants.  Using humor is a good way to diffuse the issue.  However, it is still important that the overall tone of your essay is still serious and reflective.(2)  When using narratives, it is important not to focus too much on the bad and highlight the good instead, such as how you have learned from such shortcomings and failures.

Make your failure seem like an eye-opener or life-changing experience

Another approach used in many personal statement examples is to explain how you have come to your senses as a result of going through such challenging times.  Try to concentrate on how you have come to a deeper realization of who you are, the challenges you have faced, and how certain hardships have helped you make the decision to change your life for the better. Try not to be too idealistic when taking this approach and, instead take a more mellow and sober tone.  To help you with this task, you can read a few good examples of personal statement that made it through college admission.

Use your shortcomings as source of motivation and inspiration

Another option is to discuss how such shortcomings and failures have given your the inspiration and motivation to set your life straight.  Some examples of personal statements will show you to discuss priorities and goals that have changed as a result of going through life challenges.  Mention how you have the drive to make things better for yourself and for those around you.(3)  Finally,be sure to write about how you are now motivated to make it through college and turn your life around.


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