How to Make Every Word Count in Your Admission Essay

When you write your admission essay, it is important to make every word count.  Take a look at some good examples of personal statements, and you’ll find that practically every word helps to enhance the essay.  Most schools have guidelines on essay length, which literally means that each word counts.  Aside from adhering to the essay length, it is also essential to make sense out of those words because your admission essay may be the one thing that can get you into the school of your choice.(1)  Here are some helpful tips on how to make write your personal statement:

Use the active voice

Although it is possible to use the passive voice in an effective way, it is often best to use the active voice in your admission essays.  Because the active voice denotes an action, it helps in affirming your desire to attend the school you are applying to.  Also, this helps to grab and hold the reader’s attention.  Using the passive voice may lead to confusing sentences or sentences that are not very interesting to read.(2)  Use examples of personal statements to see how they make use of the active voice.

Don’t show doubt or lack of confidence in your writing

You probably have a lot of doubts about what to write, how to write it, what the committee wants to hear, and how to make your essay stand out.  When it comes down to finally writing your paper, though, it’s important not to let any of these doubts, or any other negative thoughts for that matter, reflect in your writing.(3)  Try to show that you are confident, relaxed, and ready to face the challenge of writing your essay and getting into the school.  One tactic often used in personal statement examples is to focus on the positive and downplay the negative.

Be sure not to repeat the same ideas.

Another helpful hint for creating a winning admission essay is to avoid repeating the same ideas or information throughout your essay.  Try to keep your essay flowing from one idea to the next, and avoid recycling or reusing the things that you have already said.  Read your essay to yourself and then read it aloud to discern for yourself whether or not it is enthralling enough to keep your audience reading.  You could also have others read it, and use their insights and opinions to improve on what you’ve already written.  Compare your essay to a personal statement example to see if it’s at par with quality.


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