A Good Recipe for an MBA Admission Essay

You’ve finally made the decision to go to MBA school to earn your degree, but you’re stuck on how to make a good MBA  admission essay?  Before anything else, you may want to look over some examples of personal statement online.  MBA admission essays can be tricky, and it takes a good balance of writing skills, personality, time, and effort to write an excellent essay.  With these simple steps, however, you can write a winning admission essay that will get you into the doors of the MBA school of your choice.

Use real experiences and examples to discuss your main points

The first step to writing an exceptional MBA admission essay is to use real-life experiences and examples that you have been through in the past.  By using your own experiences to discuss your main points, you will inject more life and personality into your essay.  Try to think of some of the challenging times in your life, and reflect on how you have grown because of such challenges.  Always remember to focus on the positive, and express why you make a good candidate for the school.  Read a personal statement example or two to see the types of experiences other writers have used in their essays.(1)

Write as if you’re speaking directly to your reader

There is a good reason that MBA admission essays are sometimes called “personal statements.”  Not only are you relaying personal insights, but you are also getting personal with the reader.  When writing your admission essay, try to write as though you are speaking directly to your reader, or the admissions committee.  Following this technique will add a sense of warmth to your essay and will help engage the readers by holding their interest.(2)

Start right and end it well with an attention-grabbing intro and persuasive conclusion

Finally, make sure that your introduction and conclusion are well-written.  Try to grab the reader’s attention from the beginning with an interesting introduction that will lead you into a flowing body that is concise and coherent.  From there, wrap everything up with a persuasive conclusion that will urge the admissions committee to accept you.(3)

Remember to get the most out of examples of personal statement by comparing and contrasting your own essay with the personal statement example.  That way, you can be sure that your essay is good enough to get you into MBA school.

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