Tips on Writing a Narrative Descriptive Personal Statement

When writing yourpersonal statement for college or forgraduate school, keep in mind that you have to grab the attention of your readers.  How else will you be able to stand out from hundreds or even thousands of applicants vying to get a spot at your dream school?  One way to hook your essay readers is to write a personal statement while keeping the tips on how to write a narrative descriptive essay in mind.

What is a narrative descriptive essay?

Basically, a narrative descriptive essay is a written work that aims to convey a story in such an imaginative way that the readers’ attention is instantly captured.  By using the right words and descriptive phrases, you are able to create vivid images in your readers’ minds.

What are the advantages of using narrative descriptive essay writing techniques?

Now you don’t have to turn in a fictional tale as an admission essay.  What you have to do is to apply some narrative descriptive essay writing techniques in creating a draft for your personal statement.  An advantage of using this writing style is that you are able to instantly capture the attention of the admissions panel.  Members of the admissions panel read hundreds and probably thousands of essays so it’s best to come up with something that’s both unique and personal.  You’re also able to show the admissions panel your creative side, something that many admissions panel appreciate when they read the applicants’ essays.

Another advantage is that you are able to hone your creative writing skills, which can be very useful during English classes in college.

Tips in using narrative descriptive essay writing techniques in your admission essay

When writing a descriptive story, you first think of a catchy topic.  So whenwriting your admission essay, select an interesting topic that’ll let you tell the admissions panel why you deserve a slot in their school.  This interesting topic could be a previous work experience, someone who motivates you, or any event in life that made a huge impact on how you look at things today.

In a narrative descriptive essay, you use words or phrases that’ll help the readers conjure images as they read the story.  As you write your admissions essay, use words or phrases that’ll help the admissions panel see a clearer picture of you as a future student in their school.  Just make sure to not go overboard when using descriptive words.  Too much can make your essay look like a fictional tale and not a realistic yet attention-grabbing personal statement.  Try to read creatively written examples of personal statements to get an idea when writing your own.

When writing your personal statement, keep in mind that being creative is a plus.  Just don’t be too creative because this might give the readers the wrong impression.

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