Architecture college personal statement example

As an aspiring architect and a lover of architecture, one of the many lessons that I have learned is that the sky is the limit as long as you have a good, solid foundation.  Throughout life, I have observed that this principle holds true not only for architecture, but for practically any facet of living.  I’ve always believed that no matter what your dreams or goals are, you can reach them as long as you have a solid support system, which in this case is my faith and my loving family.

I am fortunate enough to have a strong foundation in my family and Christian living, both of which have allowed me to grow to new heights of self-realization and self-fulfillment.  My family is always there to support me, whatever decision I make in my life.  I’ve always wanted to follow the footsteps of my three older sisters who also attended Christian schools. Today, however, I am faced with a new challenge of fulfilling my aspirations to become a successful, licensed architect.  After thorough research and careful consideration, I have found that Judson University is the best Christian college that can instill in me the proper foundation to help me attain my highest goals as an architect, a faithful Christian, and a good human being. I believe that Judson University is the right school for me because of its strong Christian roots. As an evangelical educational institution, the university can offer a lot of opportunities to applicants like me who are looking for a Christian school with a well-known architectural program.  I find a good place in the warm environment of the university. I know that this school will help me become an active member of the society and fulfill my goals of becoming a successful architect and a responsible Christian.


I.  Introduction

A.  Explaining the importance of foundation
B.  How I have a strong foundation in religion and family
C.  Why Judson University is the best school to give me the foundation I need to succeed

II.  Body

A.  My family and religious foundation

1.  Family
i.  Being the second to the youngest
ii.  Having 3 older sisters who all attended Christian colleges
iii.  How my family background has inspired me to go to a Christian college

2.  Religion
i.  How my family background instilled in me a strong sense of Christianity
ii.  The significance of attending a Christian college

B.  My educational foundation

1.  A growing interest in architecture that spurred from my love of creativity and drawing

2.  High school years
i.  Finding out in my sophomore year that I was interested in architecture
ii.  My frustration that my school no longer offered courses on architecture
iii.  How my ambition drove me to talk with my principal about attending architecture classes at the nearby Manteca High School
iv.  Architecture classes in Manteca opened up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities
v.  Early success in architecture after earning two gold medals in SkillsUSA for architectural drafting

C.  Forging my foundation in architecture

1.  My aspirations of becoming a licensed architect and doing something that I love
2.  How important it is to me to get a full, four years of education in architecture
3.  My search for the perfect school that is both Christian and offers a four-year course

III.  Conclusion

A.  How Judson University is the perfect fit

1.  Judson was the only Christian university that offered a four-year course in architecture.
2.  It all seemed to come together perfectly as I was blessed enough to meet the women’s golf team and I was offered a spot on the team when I visited.
3.  Judson offers a Christian education where I can continue to deepen my understanding, appreciation, and love for God and his Word.

B.  I believe that Judson is the only school that will give me the perfect foundation to reach my dreams and aspirations of being a great architect, a good Christian, and a happy human being.

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