MBA sample essay based on role model theme

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I.  Introduction
A.  My father was my biggest role model and I am lucky to have grown up with him in my household and in my life.
B.  My father was an excellent family man (taught my to tie my shoes), and an extraordinary man (taught my one of my most valuable life lessons: giving back to society).
C.  How giving back to society is central to repaying the blessings it has given me
D.  My intention to give back to society by becoming an educator

II.  Explaining my father’s mission and its impact on me
A.  My father dedicates his life to fighting illiteracy.
B.  He used his time and money to sponsor other people’s education.
C.  His actions and his pure intentions helped me understand my own purpose in life: to become an educator and continue his legacy.
D.  This is why I have made a commitment to do well in my studies, so that I can pursue a career in education, teaching in institutions around the world

III.  Pursuing further education
A.  As a result to my commitment to education, I did all that I could to succeed in the academe.
B.  Won a scholarship from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education.
C.  My studies were so important to me that I asked my boyfriend, who was in a hurry to marry me, to pursue further education and that his dowry to me should be a bachelor’s degree from a university, and I motivated him toward that goal.
C.  Proceeded to take up Human Resources Management
D.  The first time I failed a class because of unclear communication with school adviser
E.  Pursued another major in International Business
F.  Pursued a third major, Information Systems, to complete three majors in 5 years

IV.  Going to Stanford
A.  I believe that the Stanford MBA program is the best program to thoroughly prepare me to achieve my goals and dreams.
B.  Stanford has the faculty and student body to help me become the best teacher I can be.
C.  I feel that Stanford has the best educational environment, with a perspective of education much in line with my own, and my father’s.
D.  This is where I want to earn my MBA degree.


Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have one of the strongest and most influential role models in my life right in my own household – my father.  Not only is my father an excellent family man, but he is also an extraordinary person.  It is through my father that I learned how to tie my shoes and it is through his example that I learned how giving back to society is the most fulfilling way of repaying society for what it has given me.  Now, I seek to gain the education, training, and experience that I need to fulfill my dreams of being an educator, just like my father, yet in my own right.

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