Law school essay focusing on personal growth

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Admission essay excerpt

Growing up in a big family, I would always raise my voice just to be heard, to the point of being obnoxious.  I was competing for the attention of my mom and dad then, and it’s quite a challenge if you have five other siblings.  Because of my behavior, my parents thought that I have the makings of a good lawyer.  I was groomed to become one until I discovered that my real passion is not in the court room but on the field of athletics.  Growing up as a fat kid, I’ve been exposed to the difficulty of dealing with weight problems and health issues.  As I learned the value of fitness, I transformed myself into an athlete through weight training.  It was just a hobby for me at first, but as I was given a chance to help others, I knew so clearly where I should be.  At this point in time, I’m no longer standing in the cross road, because now I know too well that I want to be an elite trainer with the help of _______ program from ________.

Sample outline:

I.  Introduction

A.  Being groomed as a lawyer
B.  Realizing that becoming a lawyer does not seem proper
C.  Discovering passion for athletics
i.  transforming from a fat kid to a real athlete through weight training
ii.  hobby at first but became a passion
iii.  training  players and helping others
D.  Wanting to become an elite trainer
i.  knowing too well what I want
ii.  applying for ____program to realize my goals

II.  How I started training others

A.  Being an athlete
i.  college football career cut short because of injury but still persevered
ii.  was able to make 3 records in weight training (squat, power cleans, shuttle run), which are injury prone
B.  Training other players
i.  helping others reach new levels of fitness a source of hapiness and satisfaction
ii.  assisting the high school football team as defensive coach
C.  Coaching skills
i.  realizing how it makes more sense to be a coach than a lawyer
ii.  knack for training others
D.  Working as a trainer
i.   Being hired as a trainer at ______
ii.  working with newly hired trainers as a manager

III.  Realizing my dream and taking the opportunity

A.  Reasons for applying for _______ program
i.  to get certification as an elite trainer
ii.  to standardize personal training
iii.  to train elite athletes
iv.  to teach trainers how to be better

B.  What I value most that will figure in my success in the program
i.  perfection
ii.  determination
iii.  wanting to help others reach their full potential
iv.  strong work ethic

Overcoming adversity essay for medical school

Growing up, my mother always dreamt that I would take up medical studies to become a doctor.  I understood that she wanted me to be successful, to work in a lucrative profession, and to be doing something to help others.  It was a wonderful aspiration that I had hoped to make a reality.  Throughout the natural course of my development and maturation, however, I felt a growing desire for an entirely different direction, one that has led me to seek out an education in Professional Communication.  While a career in medicine would certainly make my mother proud, I feel that my passion for broadcasting will take me to greater heights of success and self-fulfilment, ultimately putting me in a position where my love for what I do will drive me to achieve more and be a good example to those who follow their dreams, just as I am.

I.  Introduction
A.  My mom’s dream of me becoming a doctor
B.  How being a doctor is lucrative, esteemed, and altruistic
C.  Growing up and having different interest and direction (toward broadcasting)
D.  Applying to Professional Communication
E.  How my love for broadcasting/communication can take me to greater heights

B.  A difficult situation
A.  The biggest inspiration in my life is my father
B.  My father was the mast of the ship that is my family
C.  He provided for us, gave moral support, and he was the gravity that held us together
D.  Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed with cancer and he passed away 2 years ago
E.  It was a turning point in our lives as a family, one that left us emotionally, morally, and financially upturned
F.  It forced us all to mature faster, work harder toward our dreams, and pull closer together as a family.
G.  I’ll never forget my dad’s last words of wisdom for me: “Just be yourself, your maturation is your success“

C.  Following my dreams and being myself
A.  Before my father died, I was already finding my own identity through my “maturation”
B.  In high school, I became leader of a broadcasting station, appeared as MC at music concerts and events, and took on the role as vice-president of the social affair action team
C.  I also found myself joining in a number of events myself
i.  Winning second place in the duet performance contest as guitarist for my class
ii.  Joining and winning first-prise in the English is Fun contest
D.  My experience in HCMC Conservatory of Music, with the 7-year academic course in piano
E.  Being selected by HCMC for the city-level Excellent-Student Contest, wherein we won second prize and a monthly scholarship from HCMC
F.  Reflecting on my “maturation” and realizing my own direction in life is to pursue a career in a communications-related career where my life experiences can drive me to success.

D.  Applying for scholarship at ___________ (school)
A.  I feel that the events in my life have led me to this decision to apply for a scholarship for the Professional Communication major at ________.
B.  Not only is an education and career in Professional Communication a passion of mine that I am dedicated to pursuing, but it is also a way for me to honor my father’s last words of advice for me, to recognize my success through my maturation.
C.  Receiving a scholarship will not only give me the means (financial aid and education) necessary to achieve my dreams, but it will also help me go on to reach some of my other objectives in life, such as my determination to earn a scholarship to study abroad for a master degree and make a living for myself and my family.

Online bachelors degree personal statement example

When I first started my career in banking in 2004 as a retail sales associate, I wasn’t sure of where it would all lead.  To be honest, I merely saw the opportunity as a means to earn work experience, get better educated and trained, and make some income.  Now, about six years later, my career in banking has continued and it has brought me to greater heights of success, and a sense of realization about my dreams, my aspirations, and who I am as a person.  It is a career that I have grown to love and appreciate, one that I wish to continue excelling in not only to achieve better banking job opportunities, but also to continue my journey of self-fulfillment.  This is why I am applying for an online bachelor’s degree from __________.

I.  Introduction
A.  Explain how I first started my career in banking
B.  Starting out in banking, my goals were merely to gain experience, training, education, income
C.  Six years down the line, I have matured, my goals are more directed, and I continue in my career in banking
D.  I now love my career and wish to continue with it, which is why I am applying for this online course

II.  My career in banking
A.  When I first began in banking in 2004, I worked as a retail sales associate for Charter One Bank in Chicago, my home town.
B.  My experience getting used to the responsibilities of my job
C.  Developing a sense of belonging in banking, and excelling to better positions
D.  Getting promoted to teller manager and realizing how wonderful it felt to achieve this position
E.  Promotion to assistant branch manager and taking on even bigger responsibilities gave me a feeling of self-fulfilment that I had achieved something great in my career.
F.  This inspired and drove me to work harder and I was able to achieve the position of Branch Manager in Feb 2009

III.  A change of pace
A.  I wanted to explore my options and opportunities in banking so I applied at Bank of America and was accepted as Assistant Branch Manager
B.  Although it was a step down from my previous position, I felt that I had a lot to learn from Bank of America
C.  This has motivated me to pursue higher levels of education, that I may get a better position where I can really make a difference, maximizing resources for departmental growth
D.  Realizing that I would need a flexible education program, I decided to go for an online course, so I could still attend to my duties as Assistant Branch Manager with Bank of America while earning my degree.

IV.  Applying at ____ for an online bachelor’s degree
A.  The online course at _______ fits in perfectly with my goals, giving me a flexible schedule to pursue my studies while working
B.  The program at ______ is amazing and I think it will give me the education, training, and experience that I need to succeed in my career in banking.
C.  I think now is the perfect time for me to pursue my online degree, because I am in the position where I know my career path, I know my current job position, and I know that I can do what it takes to succeed in both schooling and in the workplace.

Masters in Finance Personal Statement example

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Australian businessman Chris Corrigan once said that “I’m a firm believer that to really understand a business takes years, not months. As an investment analyst you think you understand a business from the outside, but the reality is that, once you are inside, you can go on learning for five or ten years.” Just like Corrigan, I also believe that to fully understand the investments business, you really have to set aside time and effort in learning new things. As a matter of fact, learning is an ongoing process especially if you want to excel in your field. This is why I wish to pursue a Master in Finance at the _________. I am particularly interested in the field of private equity as a form of investment. My experiences in various companies and fields have prepared me to take this big step and fulfill my goal of becoming an investment expert that can help a lot of businesses and individuals in making the right decision in terms of investing.


I. Introduction
A. Quote from Chris Corrigan – The quote from Chris Corrigan explains my determination to pursue higher education. According to him, to fully learn the investments business, it will take you years of learning.
B. Importance of the learning process – Because the learning process doesn’t really end once you graduate from college, you must do all that you can to expose yourself to other environments that will challenge your way of thinking and inspire you to be innovative. This is why I’m pursuing a graduate degree from the __________.
C. The course or field I wish to pursue – The course or field I am interested in is private equity. I think that private equity offers a lot of investment opportunities to companies who wish to diversify their funds.

II. My work experience
A. Past companies I’ve worked for and positions I’ve held – Companies that I’ve worked for included the European Business Innovation Center of Bourgogne where I worked as a manager for venture capital advisory and the Maison de L’Exportateur (Center of Promotion for Exportations) where I worked as a Tunisia-based research analyst. I was also part of the 2010 Scientipole Initiative as the Head of Mission.
B. What I’ve learned from these work experiences – Through these work experiences, I’ve learned the importance of financial advisory and how a sound strategic and financial analysis of a business plan can contribute to its overall success. Supervising several finance projects has also helped me gain a wider view of the investments field.
C. Relevant skills I’ve developed through these experiences – Because I was exposed to different clients from all over the world, I am able to further develop my quadrilingual skills. I was also able to enhance my IT skills.

III. How the __________ can help me reach my goal
A. What the ________ has to offer – The _________ offers an excellent master’s in finance program which can help me achieve my goals of becoming a private equity investment expert.