Medical school Personal statement example: caring for my brother

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As someone who served as my brother’s caregiver until he was 16 years old, my experiences have definitely shaped my goals and dreams. Because my brother suffers from ALS and my mom is manic depressive, I’ve realized that being a doctor is my one true goal. I want to become a successful medical practitioner and work in a hospital that is affiliated with a medical school. My past experiences may have been difficult, painful, and traumatic, but I believe they have contributed to my overall views in life, especially in wanting to help other kids have a good life despite suffering from mental conditions.

I. My past experiences
A. My brother suffered from ALS and I served as his caregiver until he was 16 years old
B. My mother was manic depressive
C. I had an abusive stepfather
D. An explanation on how these have shaped me, especially in terms of my goal to become a doctor

II. Work experiences
A. Went to Mexico for a volunteer medical mission — This experience taught me the importance of giving medical aid to people who can’t afford medical assistance
B. Worked for Ron Jon Surf Shop — This experience has taught me so many things, especially when dealing with different kinds of people
C. Worked at Florida Cardiovascular Association — At the front desk, I was able to take a peek at my future. My responsibilities included assisting the patients, managing hospital charts and billing tasks, and handling visits from drug manufacturers and shops.
D. Worked at the Pediatric After Hours Telephone Triage — At this emergency clinic, I learned a lot by working with patients and by working alongside resident doctors.

III. Why this medical school is perfect for me

A. I believe that this school offers the perfect environment for me as I try to juggle studies and being married.
B. The medical program offered at _______________ offers me enough flexibility, along with the right courses and classes that can supplement my premed course, which is biology.

Law school application essay: Life principles and the Law

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Admission essay excerpt:

One of the guiding principles in my life is expressed in the saying, “To live a meaningful life, to be well-read and to seek new knowledge.”  I believe that being both well-read and knowledgeable are essential aspects toward living a meaningful life.  Today, I am beginning yet another chapter in my life’s book as I seek new levels of “meaning.”  It has always been my dream, interest, and consuming passion to have a maritime-related career.  Now, I have a clear vision of the path that I must take to achieve these dreams and my eyes are set on earning a postgraduate degree from _________ as I seek out new knowledge, so that I will be well-read and well-prepared for my ultimate aspiration of practicing maritime law.


I.  Introduction
A.  “To live a meaningful life, to be well-read and to seek new knowledge”
B.  What this axiom means to me and why I believe in it
C.  How it relates to my current situation
D.  Explaining my dream of a maritime career
E.  Discussing how ____ University can help me attain my goals of practicing maritime law

II.  My journey toward a meaningful life
A.  Throughout the years, I have tried hard to live a meaningful life
B.  On high school and my A level education
i.   I did particularly well in history and literature.
ii.  I participated in debates.
iii. I decided to pursue a path where I could use my skills and knowledge well: law.
C.  My belief that law permeates every aspect of our lives, even in the most basic of human interactions
D.  How studying law has developed various skills, values, and character traits
E.  Putting my education into practice
i.   Explaining some of my work experience
ii.  Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria for two years
iii. My dream to purse an LLM in Maritime Law

III.  Taking the next step toward achieving my dreams
A.  Explaining a little about the maritime industry in Nigeria
B.  I believe that an LLM in Maritime Law will give me the education, training, experience needed to succeed in my career goals and to do my part in designing ways of solving some of the problems and issues that plague Nigerian maritime law.

Graduate nursing sample application essay

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The family, being the basic unit of the community, is the foundation of the nation. As a nation, we can be great again, if only we take care of our families. I have been involved in various researches regarding health issues and the family. I have a family of my own and nothing is more important to me than to make sure that they are healthy and safe. My past experiences have led me to want to pursue a research career focused on families and their health. In the near future, I would like to learn more about pediatric cancer. I would like to do research on preventing abortion in third world countries. Joining ________ University will take me one step closer to achieving my goals.

A. The family is the basic unit of the community
1. As the basic unit, the family is the foundation of the nation
2. We can be a great nation if we take care of our families
B. My work experience has led me to believe strongly in promoting the family’s welfare
1. I want to keep my family healthy and safe
2. My background in research tells me that I should focus my efforts on learning more about family health

II. Educational Background and Professional Experience
A. I have obtained a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, both in Midwifery, from two highly reputable schools in my home country
B. As a professional, I have worked with the National Research Center for Family Planning, the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, and the World Health Organization
C. My career in research has enabled me to attend several seminars and trainings around the world.
D. I am now a family woman and a Registered Nurse in Alabama

III. Future Goals and ________ University
A. As a Registered Nurse with an extensive background in research, I would like to continue researching about family health
B. As part of my goals, I want to pursue a Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing in _________ University
C. This brings me one step closer to pursuing a research career in Maternal and Child health
D. By accepting me, the ____ University not only invests in me but invests in the future of the community as well

Graduate social work personal statement example

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Social work is not a job or a profession. It is a huge part of American history, taking root way back in 1898. Social work entails passion and a strong desire to help others. I have always enjoyed helping others out and started volunteer work in an institution helping the youth conquer substance abuse when I was a teenager. There are no words to describe the feeling I get knowing that my efforts have helped someone. In order to help others more, I decided to pursue additional studies in Social Work in ____ University where passion and enthusiasm to help others are held in high regard.

A. Social work is part of American history and began in 1898
B. The field of social work entails passion and enthusiasm and a strong desire to help others
C. Further education can improve my social work skills in order to better help others
D. I should pursue further studies in a school that values passion and enthusiasm

II.My passion for social work
A. I started social work when I was a teenager by volunteering in an institution focused on helping adolescents
B. However, I majored in business before I finally decided to pursue a degree in social work because I feel at home in this field
C. During my college years, I was able to work with a myriad of people who taught me a lot about social work
D. Despite obtaining a degree in Social Work from a reputable college, I still attend trainings and seminars

III.Continuous learning and ___ University
A. Continuous education is important in order to deliver optimal service in the world of social work
B. ___ University is the ideal venue to develop my social work skills
C. The social work graduate program in ___ University offers not only sound theoretical foundation but exciting and challenging practicum programs