Health care admission essay outline and excerpt

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I was diagnosed with malaria when I was a child and was brought to a local hospital. Medical facilities in my home country were not that good and I had to be but in a room with more patients than beds. I watched people struggle with their illnesses as the medical personnel struggled to treat each of the patient despite having limited facilities. Thankfully, I survived. Such an experience taught me so much despite my young age. This prompted me to pursue a career in health care. I chose _________ University because it caters to a diverse pool of students and offers top notch training facilities.

I. Surviving malaria opened my eyes to the world
A. I was very young when I was brought to a local hospital to be treated for malaria
B. Medical care can be very expensive. Free health care services are very rare and are often inadequate
C. There are many people who need medical care but are not able to receive any form of assistance

II. My father inspired my to pursue a career in the health care sector
A. My father worked two jobs in order for my family to come to the States to live with him
B. He declined an opportunity to study medicine himself just so his family can have a better life
C. He was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, leaving us in an unfamiliar country
D. His life story will always be an inspiration to me. He taught me never to give up

III. My educational and volunteer experience helped me realize my goals
A. I finished with a degree in Biology despite all the hardships in my life
B. During my college years, I did a lot of volunteer work at a hospital
C. I was able to converse with and relate to several patients during volunteer work
D. Not only is a medical career my father’s legacy, but it’s also my personal goal

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