3 Easy Ways to Organize the Body of Your Essay

When completing the requirements for your application package, you should keep in mind that one of the most substantial requirements is your admission essay.  This can spell the difference between receiving the fat acceptance letter or the thin rejection notice.  For this reason, you should do your best to make an excellent personal statement that is interesting, compelling, and engaging.  This article will give you three helpful hints on how to develop and organize the body of your admission essay based on well-written examples of personal statements.

Examples of personal statements: Make an outline for your main ideas

The first step is to make a simple outline of your main ideas.  There is no need to create a three-page outline with all of the information in there.  Instead, focus on the main points that you want to get across in your essay.  Perhaps a maximum of three to five points would be best to ensure that you won’t try to write about too many different things.(1)

Personal statement examples: Create sub-point for each main idea

Now that you have a good idea of what you want to write about, the next step is to make one or two sub-points for each main idea you listed down in step 1.  The sub-points should delve a little deeper into the main idea by stating what you want to emphasize about the topic.  For example, if one of your main ideas is a challenging time you had in high school, then your sub-point can be about how you felt while battling the challenge.  The main objective in this second step is to start developing your main idea into something that you can expound on in your essay.(2)

Examples of personal statement: Elaborate on your insights and how they make you a good candidate

The final step is to start filling in your essay.  Now that you already have your main ideas and sub-points, all that is left to do the writing.  Elaborate on the main ideas by touching on the sub-points that you came up with.  Take it one step further by doing a little reflection and writing about how your personality and character have developed, making you a good candidate for the school.(3)

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Personal Statement Example: How to Cover up Flaws when Writing an Admission Essay

When applying to a post-secondary school, you will probably be asked to write an admission essay of some sort.  At first, it may seem like extra work, but there are some great benefits to writing a personal statement.  Perhaps the best benefit is that you can use the essay to explain or cover up some of the flaws on your resume or transcripts.(1)  Here’s how to cover up flaws when writing your admission essay:

Infuse humor and narratives to tone down your shortcomings and failures

Some personal statement examples employ humor and narratives to downplay the shortcomings and failures of the applicants.  Using humor is a good way to diffuse the issue.  However, it is still important that the overall tone of your essay is still serious and reflective.(2)  When using narratives, it is important not to focus too much on the bad and highlight the good instead, such as how you have learned from such shortcomings and failures.

Make your failure seem like an eye-opener or life-changing experience

Another approach used in many personal statement examples is to explain how you have come to your senses as a result of going through such challenging times.  Try to concentrate on how you have come to a deeper realization of who you are, the challenges you have faced, and how certain hardships have helped you make the decision to change your life for the better. Try not to be too idealistic when taking this approach and, instead take a more mellow and sober tone.  To help you with this task, you can read a few good examples of personal statement that made it through college admission.

Use your shortcomings as source of motivation and inspiration

Another option is to discuss how such shortcomings and failures have given your the inspiration and motivation to set your life straight.  Some examples of personal statements will show you to discuss priorities and goals that have changed as a result of going through life challenges.  Mention how you have the drive to make things better for yourself and for those around you.(3)  Finally,be sure to write about how you are now motivated to make it through college and turn your life around.

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Example of Personal Statement: Using Your Resume to Write Your Admission Essay

When it comes to writing an admission essay, it can be difficult to think of a topic to write about and how to develop that topic.  One useful tip is to use your resume as guide.  Although your resume may just be full of bullet points, it holds a lot of information about who you are and what you have been through. Read on to learn more about how to use your resume to write a compelling admission essay.

Examples of personal statement: Create an outline of information you want to include

Before you get to writing, you may want to create an outline.  The good thing is, because your resume is probably in a timeline format, you already have a basic outline to work from.  Go over a few personal statement examples, and see how writers have probably used their resumes to reflect on their achievements and experiences.  Based on this, make an outline based on some of the most interesting points in your life or career, such as a challenging time in your life.  Remember not to choose too many things to write about, or you may not be able to go into depth about such topics.(1)

Personal statement examples: Discuss your skills and experiences from your resume in detail

Now that you have chosen some of the instances that you want to write about, you should try to focus on how you have developed as a result of these occurrences.  Talk about the experiences that you encountered, the skills that you honed, or the character traits that you have developed along the way.  Remember that you want to expound on your resume instead of merely re-enumerating your achievements.(2)

Examples of personal statements: Make substantial conclusions on how your skills and experiences make you a strong candidate

Finally, make a conclusion that brings together everything you have written about in your essay.  You have already written about certain experiences and discussed how your personality has developed throughout the years.  Now, your goal is to explain why you make a good candidate for the school you are applying to.  Avoid bragging and instead go with the flow by mentioning how your skills and experiences have prepared you to deal with the challenges of college and your life after college.(3)

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Examples of Personal Statement Essays as Foreign Students’ Guides

Colleges, law schools, medical schools, MBA programs, and graduate schools in the United States require all students, even foreigners, to submit personal statement essays upon applying. Personal statement essays allow admissions committees to know more about theapplicants aside from their grades. These essays also enable applicants to get accepted in a school. As a foreign student, the US education requirements, such as personal statement essays, might be new to you. And for you to come up with an essay that works to your advantage, it is advisable that you read examples online. Below are ways by which examples of personal statement essays can be useful for you.

Examples of personal statement essays serve as guides to writing your own essay

Many examples of personal statement essays found online are written by following instructions from colleges, law schools, medical schools, MBA schools, and graduate schools. Although instructions from different schools vary, you can find from the examples two or more characteristics that make an exceptional personal statement essay. The said characteristics include having a positive tone and optimistic perspective, using a friendly, straightforward and clear language, and having a content that is properly outlined and well-thought of. Apply the mentioned characteristics in your personal statement essay to make it stand out from those of other applicants.

Examples of personal statement essays show which themes to avoid

One of the themes that put readers of personal statement essays off is the self-pitying theme. Sounding like a victim in your personal statement essay shows that you allow challenges in life to bring you down and that you are not strong enough to get past major obstacles. So, instead of writing with a self-pitying tone, appeal to your readers how motivated and able you are to surpass the challenges that school work and studying in a foreign country offer. By doing so, you can convince more the admissions committee to accept you into the school.

Two Mistakes Often Committed when Writing Personal Statements

The importance of personal statements should never be taken for granted. When it comes to deciding which student deserves the last slot in a college, law school, medical school, MBA program or graduate school, a persuasive, honest, unique and well-written personal statement can be the final determining factor. The personal statement is an essay that enables admissions committees to learn about the personal side of applicants, how they fit into the diverse student body, and fare in their preferred specializations. So, for you to get accepted into the school of your choice, learn about two mistakes to avoid in writing personal statements.

Mistake 1 – Using highfalutin words

You may think that big, sophisticated words can help you make an educated impression on admissions committees. However, the effect of using highfalutin words is that your readers will think that you are writing to impress than to communicate who you are. Admissions committees prefer personal statements that have a clear and truthful voice and that are an easy read. In addition, because your aim is to persuade the admissions committees to accept you into the school, the language you must apply in your personal statement should be conversational, friendly, and captivating. So, make sure to keep your essay simple and straightforward.

Mistake 2 – Having an idealistic but vague content

Idealism is one good characteristic a personal statement should have. You can write in your essay that your purpose for pursuing an MBA, a college degree, or a post-graduate degree, for example, is to help improve people’s lives or to contribute to society. However, always remember to back up your general claims with specifics. Inform the readers of your personal statement of the precise ways you plan to carry out your goal. Many students fail in the aspect of providing details and end up having vague content in their personal statements. So, to avoid submitting an unsatisfactory personal statement, think about its message and create an outline before writing.

Using the right personal statement to get into the law school of your choice

Using the right personal statement to get into the law school of your choice


You may think that it is over when your GPA is lower than what is required by the top law schools.  But, do you know that your personal statement can save the day?  Your personal statement is a requirement for your admissions anyway.  For some schools, they are valued higher, giving you a chance to shine.  Even to schools that value personal statements less, there is no doubt that they also have an effect. Because law schools rarely conduct interviews, they are happy to learn about your more personal side. So, start browsing examples of personal statements and try to see what makes some excellent and what makes some forgettable.

Examples of personal statements’ features that can get you accepted

When writing your law school admissions essay, you have to talk about the things that you have gone through before law school.  Emphasize the facts that directly relate your values and skills to law school.  Although you may not have outstanding grades, you may be surprised that you can still be accepted to a top school.  Excellent examples of personal statements can make your targeted school see that your great personality, not your grades, will make you an ideal lawyer. For law schools that conduct interviews, you may be able to reach that far.  Then, you will be able to answer pertinent questions personally.  Writing an excellent personal statement is then effective in getting you accepted to law school because it gives you a second chance.  Admissions committees will not judge you based on past mistakes but will accept you based on your attitudes, and on what you are willing to do to improve.

Examples of personal statements’ mistakes that can ruin your chances

Just as an excellent essay can get your application accepted, a terrible personal statement can ruin your chances of getting into law school.  This is true whether you have good grades or not.  A person with a carelessly written or boring essay will get your essay ignored.  What will law schools like about a student who does have excellent grades but cannot present himself or herself well?  Being a lawyer is being able to exude confidence and competence.

Writing examples of personal statements your target law school will love

So, even if you think that your grades are not that high, do not give up your dreams of becoming a lawyer.  Once you have a passion for something, you can express that through writing.  Your genuine desire to become a lawyer will show through your personal statement.  Admissions committees will still be on the lookout for geniuses but will not ignore applicants with vibrant personalities.  Even if you have average grades, you will be noticed over all your peers.  If you can stand out without the help of a transcript, you must be a person worth knowing.

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Personal statement essay techniques based on examples of personal statements

When applying to any school, a personal statement is your one chance to show who you really are as a person. For that reason, a personal statement should be taken seriously. Even though it is just a short essay, there are techniques on how you can come up with winning personal statements. You’ll also be able to see these techniques when you read enough examples of personal statements:

Technique 1: Examples of personal statements project a tone of self-marketing

If you’ve read a lot of examples of personal statements online, you will see that the sample essays promote the personal and educational background of the applicant. There is hardly any mention of the school grades and awards that an applicant received. So, self-marketing minus the grades should be the content of your personal statement when applying for to any college, medical school, law school, MBA programs or other graduate programs.

The purpose of marketing your personal and educational background and your life and career plans is to present your individuality apart from your grades. The examples of personal statements are designed in such manner so that the readers, presumably experts in the field, can assess whether an applicant is compatible and genuinely interested in a course.

So, following the examples of personal statements, write about your extra-curricular activities, family background, interests, plans, and ways by which you put the lessons you’ve learned into practice. On top of all those details, write with an optimistic tone.

Technique 2: Examples of personal statements are well-planned and outlined

You might notice that in several examples of personal statements, planning and outlining are applied. Through careful outlining, the examples of personal statements were written clearly and understandable to readers. So, make sure to follow the examples of personal statements when writing your own.

Think about your ideas, first, then organize them. You have to make the experts reading your personal statement see that you are an organized person who writes excellently. You also have to show the experts that your personal statement is an example of how you will write your academic papers.

Technique #3: Examples of personal statements were edited objectively

“Write hot. Edit cold” is a guide practiced by many writers. They write with passion and edit with an objective eye. The examples of personal statements were written and edited in such manner so that readers like you will get to see how a winning personal statement is.

The writers of the examples of personal statements made sure that after they organized and wrote their ideas, they found the points that need correcting. In the end, the flow of the examples of personal statements are friendly to its readers.

You should do the same. After writing, you may ask someone to edit the piece for you. If there is no one available, let some time pass until you are less passionate about your essay. When you believe that you are more objective, sit down and read your essay. You many even compare it with the examples of personal statements to see if the tone and style is appropriate.

Finally, don’t hesitate to keep rewriting if your essay is quite far from the style of the examples of personal statements. Having a clear, concise and straightforward personal statement is what will get you accepted into your dream college, law school, medical school, MBA programs or other graduate programs.

Balancing Humility and Self-promotion in Personal Statements

Balancing Humility and Self-promotion in Personal Statements


Striking a balance when it comes to writing the admissions essay or the personal statement is very important. Though arrogance definitely has no room in your admissions essay, it is still advisable not to be overly modest.  Excellent examples of admissions essays present a balance between humility and self-promotion. If you have been trying so hard to avoid everything that promotes your good points, you barely have anything that you can call a personal statement.

A personal statement is not just a college or a graduate school admission requirement, but it is also the primary means to project your personality and highlight specific achievements that your other requirements do not show. Schools use the personal statement or admission essay as a way to get a picture of the kinds of students they will accept. Grades may be an important factor for the admissions committee, but personal traits are also very significant factors that can determine a student’s future success in his or her desired field.

What makes an admissions essay effective?

A personal statement is a written illustration of the characteristics that make you and your desired field compatible. The admissions committee will be alert about the way you talk about your most important achievements. The committee members will see through what you are plainly saying, discovering who you really are. So, you realize that you can talk about the same thing in different ways.

An achievement that you feel will make you sound arrogant can be handled gracefully. A well-written personal statement will not just discuss the achievements the applicant is proud of, but also, it should state how making that achievement has been a learning experience or a reward to be thankful for. By writing this way, you do not have to remove your most important achievements from your personal statement. These accomplishments and your gracious reactions to them make for a very effective personal statement.

To create a balance in your personal statements, write about overcoming difficult times and personal weaknesses. Your personal statement is also your chance to explain bad grades and to express a desire for self-improvement. There are many examples of personal statements online that promote this balance between strengths and weaknesses.

How does becoming over-modest ruin your chances in getting accepted?

While humility in itself is a good trait, becoming too modest in your essay may not necessarily increase your chances of getting accepted into your desired school. For some schools, the personal statement becomes a tie-breaker when you and other candidates present resumes and college records of almost similar achievements and scores. If you have opted not to highlight your best points, your competitor to the slot may be chosen instead of you. It is balance, not omission, that will get you accepted.

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Using personal statements to get into your schools of choice

using personal

Having less than stellar grades does not equate to losing a chance at getting admitted to the college of your dreams.  Obviously, having excellent grades will put you on the admission committee’s most-likely-to-be-accepted list.  However, having credentials that are more or less the same as the next person means that you have to find  a way to distinguish yourself.  Have you seen examples of personal statements that focus on grades?  If so, those essays are doing it the wrong way.  A personal statement is actually your chance to show why you should be accepted, through your personality and insight.  Grades are not the only ones that contribute to your fighting chance in getting into college.

How to write examples of personal statements with an edge

A great personal statement makes you worth a second look.  Though not impressed with your academic achievements, the admissions committee will now study your personal statement and your transcript side by side.  Because you have been given the chance to explain bad grades, the committee will analyze your grade patterns.  Genuine reasons for having average or bad grades must be given with an assurance that you will not remain lackluster or mediocre for long.  This acceptance is better than avoiding the topic at all costs.  Avoidance makes your reader wonder about your true behavior and attitude towards your studies.  There are also examples of personal statements that become too free with information.  Do not include information that may be misinterpreted or may give you the wrong image; you must choose the information you want to share.  The personal statement must be coherent and well-written.  The admissions committee should be able to read it with no problem.

Good examples of personal statements: your ticket to get accepted

Though some schools treat personal statements as tiebreakers or bonuses, they still value great essays.  If there were plenty of people with similar grades as yours, you will be chosen because of your well-written essay.  A well-written essay stands for a serious application.  The admissions committee can tell that you have worked hard to be considered for admission.  Showing them a true picture of who you are will make them more interested in you as a person.  There may be traits that you have that go beyond a GPA.  Good examples of personal statements are effective in getting you noticed, and finally in getting you accepted to college.

Writing better examples of personal statements

Producing excellent examples of personal statements is not for nothing.  There is a reward to all your efforts because  you are able to communicate your individuality.  So, do not be lazy when writing your personal statement.  This personal statement can aid your ailing application.


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Essays that won’t Put Your Audience to Sleep

personal statement

How do you write your personal statement in such a way that its audience will not either go to sleep or throw your essay to the bin?  You probably won’t notice it yourself because you are the one writing it, and you know firsthand what you are talking about.  Then, you will just find out that it has earned  the title of one of the most boring examples of personal statements ever.  It can’t be that bad, right?  You can’t be that boring.  Nobody’s life is, unless that person makes it look that way.  Anyway, you can probably buy yourself a book containing interesting examples of personal statements.  Or, you can just read this article in order to save money.

Examples of personal statements that simply bore

If your essay is the type that drags on and on, you have probably made it to the top ten boring examples of personal statements.  However, you may think that this is just a little too subjective.  So, what are essays that are considered boring?  There is the essay that could have been shorter but you manage to put in additional phrases and prepositions to bulk up very small content.  Your essay’s reader will not be getting anything new from it, while your ideally short sentence becomes a paragraph.  Your personal statement must also not be repetitive.  So, do not narrate your resume for your audience because they already know that info.

Examples of personal statements that captivate

Personalization is key to the most interesting examples of personal statements.  Start  with a forceful intro.  If your intro is already weak and boring, your reader may not be inspired to read through the whole thing.  Write an anecdote or a quotation, but do not be pretentious. Then, you have to put in your most meaningful experiences.  Talk about them in detail and how they relate to your application.  Do not however, write an autobiography.  Emphasize the personal achievement that best made an impact in your life.  Also include major changes in your life and how they change your belief system or your values.  Do not be afraid to talk about weaknesses as long as you are able to express your move towards improvement.

Making it to the list of unique examples of personal statements

Uniqueness, as long as it does not entail an offensive comment or a useless fact, may make you stand out.  Standing out through your personal statement is important in order to have an edge.  Most people who are competing for positions in a college or graduate school will be armed with competitive records.  It is through your personality that you can be seen above what should have been your peers.

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