Personal statements can make or break your admissions chances?

Making It or Breaking It

Personal statements are part of the requirements for entering into post-graduate studies, professional programs, jobs, or internships. Whether you are looking to enter into an Ivy League university such as Princeton or if you want to enter into law school, personal statements are a crucial part of the application package. Your personal statements are likely to either make or break your chances of getting the post-graduate program that you have been eying for the past years.

What personal statements should say

Many people are confused about what to write in personal statements. Before going into what to write, it is important to determine what is expected from your personal statements. Most graduate schools expect two things from this part of the application package. First, they expect to get to know you as a student and professional. This means that your personal statements should include information on your academic and career achievements. Second, graduate schools want to get to know you as a person. The personal statements that you write, therefore, should reflect who you are as a person. One good way of revealing your personality through your personal statements is to talk about notable obstacles or opportunities that you have made the best of. Regardless of what types of personal statements that you are writing, you should be able to adequately express yourself in an intellectual and creative manner.

Remember that your personal statements basically serve the purpose of introducing yourself to your program director. This means that you should always try to present your best side without lying or presenting false information. Entering into medical school, MBA programs or other graduate programs is a serious deal, which is why you should try to make the most out of your personal statements. One way of making the most out of your personal statements is through reflection. Through reflection, you can gain a better understanding of yourself, your personal characteristics and your skills – all of which should be evident in your personal statements. Reflection can also help you shape your future goals, which you should also try to cover in your personal statements.

Online resources in writing personal statements

There are numerous Internet sites that can help you in writing personal statements. Many educational institutions include sections on how to write personal statements.  In fact, the graduate school that you are applying to may even have their own tips on writing personal statements. Before actually sitting down to write your personal statement, be sure to gather information and tips on how to write effective personal statements. This is an essential part of applying to graduate schools, which is why you should do your best when writing your personal statements.

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