Using examples of personal statements

Using examples of personal statements


Offense-free Usage of Examples of Personal Statements

Whether you are writing admission essays for college or personal statements for graduate programs, using examples of personal statements is a good way of understanding what educational institutions expect from you. Personal statements are an essential part of your application to graduate schools like medical school, law school or MBA programs. This is why you want to make sure that the admissions essays that you write are well-written and meet the requirements and expectations of graduate school directors. Reading through examples of personal statements has many benefits to those who are looking to write their own personal statements.

Before you can actually read through examples of personal statements, it is important to first locate them. There are numerous places where you can find examples of personal statements. One such place is from relatives, colleagues or friends who are willing to show you their own personal statements. Be sure to ask those who are close to you if they have examples of personal statements that they can show you. If you have no luck finding examples from them, you can also find examples of personal statements through the Internet. Various websites offer examples of personal statements to help people who need ideas, themes or inspiration to write their own statements. Try to search for sites that specialize in examples of personal statements, or you can look for the websites of educational institutions that offer examples as well. Here are a few examples of sites that offer samples and tips for medical school and MBA programs.

Once you have found a good source of examples of personal statements, you should learn. Misusing these examples of personal statements may lead to serious offenses, such as plagiarism, which can automatically disqualify you from being accepted into graduate programs and may have more serious repercussions. Perhaps the best way of using examples of personal statements is to use them as inspiration for your own personal statements. If you are stuck and cannot find a topic or theme to write about, you can use examples of personal statements to help you come up with ideas for your admission essay. You can look for examples from those that have had similar experiences, situations or personal qualities to yours. For instance, you may come across examples of personal statements that are made for the same course (law school, medical school, MBA programs, etc.) that you plan to enter into. Use these themes and ideas as a springboard to get your personal statement going. You may also be able to use these examples of personal statements in order to get a good idea of the formatting, style and tone that you should follow.

Regardless of how you use examples of personal statements there are a few things that you have to be aware of. Copying or merely rewording another person’s work is plagiarism. Also, making use of false information in your personal statements is considered a serious offense and may disqualify you from being admitted into the college or graduate programs that you apply for.

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