Examples of Personal Statements exploring the “ordinary” side of life

Examples of Personal Statements exploring the “ordinary” side of life

You probably think that your life is too boring. As you hold your pen poised to brainstorm content for your personal statement, you cannot think of anything exciting to write about. You remember poring over examples of personal statements. Some of them contain exciting job experiences abroad or life-changing events, like migration or death of a breadwinner. Those examples of personal statements seem the type to be remembered. However, you do remember that some of them are not that earth-shattering if you can rewrite them in ordinary words. Those personal statements have only made use of some important writing elements. You are ready to glamorize your seemingly ordinary life, without lying of course. It just takes a little change of point of view and maybe more enthusiasm on your part.

Dissecting examples of personal statements with details of growing up

Many examples of personal statements talk about childhood memories.  You may not have a traumatic accident as a child but maybe you have been raised by a single parent.  With this, you can emphasize the values that you have learned from the experience, such as independence.  Other people may think of your experiences as unique though you who have lived through them may find them ordinary. Another seemingly ordinary experience is graduating.  Obviously, you have graduated at some point.  However, you may see a different angle, especially if you have a different motivation and then a change of heart.  For example, you have graduated without intending to do anything about it because you want to defy your parents.  Then, you realize during the graduation speech that you do want to make something from your life.   A third routine-like information is your reason for pursuing the course.  This may seem obligatory but with rich and lively detail, you can give it a little twist.  Don’t just say you want to help heal people, tell the admissions committee that the wrong diagnosis given to your cousin’s illness led to a fatal result – this made you decide that you need to be part of future medical research.  It’s all about the detail.

Examples of personal statements highlighting community involvement

People who join community organizations in order to improve a school application know the importance of these involvements.  Those who have been doing what they consider to be “little things” that are unsubstantiated by certificates may think differently.  Visiting an elderly neighbor regularly may just be friendship to you but to an admissions committee, you are presented as a caring person.  You may also talk about a community event that ordinarily people will not think involves you.  Discuss how the event affected your life.

Examples of personal statements that do not believe that anything is ordinary

A detail becomes ordinary if you make it appear to be.  There may be a lot of exciting things going on in your life.  However, you are on the lookout for something sensational or something supposedly special.  If you try to see your personal detail through the eyes of someone more eager and more enthusiastic, you can see that though not sensational, your experience may be special.  Appreciation for little things will let the admissions committee know that you are a humble soul.

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