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How do you write your personal statement in such a way that its audience will not either go to sleep or throw your essay to the bin?  You probably won’t notice it yourself because you are the one writing it, and you know firsthand what you are talking about.  Then, you will just find out that it has earned  the title of one of the most boring examples of personal statements ever.  It can’t be that bad, right?  You can’t be that boring.  Nobody’s life is, unless that person makes it look that way.  Anyway, you can probably buy yourself a book containing interesting examples of personal statements.  Or, you can just read this article in order to save money.

Examples of personal statements that simply bore

If your essay is the type that drags on and on, you have probably made it to the top ten boring examples of personal statements.  However, you may think that this is just a little too subjective.  So, what are essays that are considered boring?  There is the essay that could have been shorter but you manage to put in additional phrases and prepositions to bulk up very small content.  Your essay’s reader will not be getting anything new from it, while your ideally short sentence becomes a paragraph.  Your personal statement must also not be repetitive.  So, do not narrate your resume for your audience because they already know that info.

Examples of personal statements that captivate

Personalization is key to the most interesting examples of personal statements.  Start  with a forceful intro.  If your intro is already weak and boring, your reader may not be inspired to read through the whole thing.  Write an anecdote or a quotation, but do not be pretentious. Then, you have to put in your most meaningful experiences.  Talk about them in detail and how they relate to your application.  Do not however, write an autobiography.  Emphasize the personal achievement that best made an impact in your life.  Also include major changes in your life and how they change your belief system or your values.  Do not be afraid to talk about weaknesses as long as you are able to express your move towards improvement.

Making it to the list of unique examples of personal statements

Uniqueness, as long as it does not entail an offensive comment or a useless fact, may make you stand out.  Standing out through your personal statement is important in order to have an edge.  Most people who are competing for positions in a college or graduate school will be armed with competitive records.  It is through your personality that you can be seen above what should have been your peers.

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