Using personal statements to get into your schools of choice

using personal

Having less than stellar grades does not equate to losing a chance at getting admitted to the college of your dreams.  Obviously, having excellent grades will put you on the admission committee’s most-likely-to-be-accepted list.  However, having credentials that are more or less the same as the next person means that you have to find  a way to distinguish yourself.  Have you seen examples of personal statements that focus on grades?  If so, those essays are doing it the wrong way.  A personal statement is actually your chance to show why you should be accepted, through your personality and insight.  Grades are not the only ones that contribute to your fighting chance in getting into college.

How to write examples of personal statements with an edge

A great personal statement makes you worth a second look.  Though not impressed with your academic achievements, the admissions committee will now study your personal statement and your transcript side by side.  Because you have been given the chance to explain bad grades, the committee will analyze your grade patterns.  Genuine reasons for having average or bad grades must be given with an assurance that you will not remain lackluster or mediocre for long.  This acceptance is better than avoiding the topic at all costs.  Avoidance makes your reader wonder about your true behavior and attitude towards your studies.  There are also examples of personal statements that become too free with information.  Do not include information that may be misinterpreted or may give you the wrong image; you must choose the information you want to share.  The personal statement must be coherent and well-written.  The admissions committee should be able to read it with no problem.

Good examples of personal statements: your ticket to get accepted

Though some schools treat personal statements as tiebreakers or bonuses, they still value great essays.  If there were plenty of people with similar grades as yours, you will be chosen because of your well-written essay.  A well-written essay stands for a serious application.  The admissions committee can tell that you have worked hard to be considered for admission.  Showing them a true picture of who you are will make them more interested in you as a person.  There may be traits that you have that go beyond a GPA.  Good examples of personal statements are effective in getting you noticed, and finally in getting you accepted to college.

Writing better examples of personal statements

Producing excellent examples of personal statements is not for nothing.  There is a reward to all your efforts because  you are able to communicate your individuality.  So, do not be lazy when writing your personal statement.  This personal statement can aid your ailing application.


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