A Guide to Financial Aid for Hispanic Students


Hispanic students have numerous financial aid options available to help them deal with the costs of schooling. Some of these types of financial aid programs are referred to as financial aid for minority students. Many of the financial aid solutions for Hispanic students are intended specifically for Hispanics only. Here are some of financial aid programs for Hispanic students.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) This organization is the largest of its kind. Whether you are a Hispanic student attending a high school, a community college, or a university, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund may have the right financial aid program for you. Affiliated with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute (HSFI), the HSF has a variety of solutions to your financial needs.

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) As the oldest and one of the largest Hispanic organizations in the United States, the LULAC offers plans of varying amounts. Some of the plans offered by this organization require students to go into a particular field of study to be granted a loan.

Other options The organizations mentioned above are only two out of the many non-profit organizations that grant scholarships to Hispanic students. Some of the other institutions include:

* The Hispanic National Bar Association (for law)
* The National Society of Hispanic MBAs
* The Hispanic College Fund

You may also decide to apply for state-based scholarships, which are offered depending on a certain set of criteria as decided upon by the state. Also, companies and associations often offer scholarships or grants to employees who want to further specialize in their field. Companies know what an asset education and training is, so they sometimes offer financial aid plans. Before deciding upon a financial aid plan, be sure to read all of the information and know what you are signing up for.

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