Top Five Careers in Science and Engineering

Top Five Careers in Science and Engineering

Science and engineering careers are among the most respected in the world. This is often because of the many contributions that scientists and engineers have made in making our lives more comfortable and in making everyday tasks easier. Listed below are five of the top careers for science and engineering. You may want to check out if you have the skills for these careers.


1. Environmental scientists – People in this profession are focused on researching, analyzing, and finding solutions for environmental hazards that affect people and wildlife. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), environmental science is among the top science jobs in terms of job growth.

2. Hydrologists – These professionals study different aspects of the water cycle to determine quantities of water, how water circulates around the earth, and how it is redistributed into the atmosphere and oceans. This profession is also recognized by the BLS as one of the fastest growing professions in science.


1. Electrical engineer – Engineers in this profession are concerned with the manufacturing, designing, and development of electrical equipment. Aside from this, electrical engineers also deal with configuring, installing, and maintaining electrical systems.
2. Civil engineer – Roads, sewage systems, airports, bridges and water supplies are all designed by civil engineers. These individuals are responsible for supervising the construction of such civil systems and infrastructure.
3. Mechanical engineer – As one of the largest and broadest engineering professions, mechanical engineers are found in numerous industries. In this profession, you will be designing, manufacturing, and maintaining mechanical equipment and components.

Whether you decide on going into science or engineering, be sure that you prepare for your career path well. Do this by taking up the courses, attending seminars and workshops, and doing extracurricular activities that are related to the particular field you want to enter. This will help develop your knowledge, experience, skills, and training, preparing you for the professional path that lies ahead.

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