A Guide to Financial Aid for Asian Students


Applying for financial aid can be difficult if you are Asian, because federal loans are normally not extended to non-US citizens. Still, there are numerous organizations that offer financial aid for Asians and other ethnic groups. Here are some of the organizations that offer financial aid to Asian students:

School-specific financial aid for Asian students

Northwestern University offers a number of financial aid solutions for Asians and other international students. Plans offered here include plans for permanent residents and other eligible non-citizens. There are other universities and schools that provide financial aid for Asian students. You may want to apply at this school and other similar institutions of higher learning if they offer a good curriculum and the courses that interest you.

International financial aid organizations

Many organizations offer financial aid to people from all over the world, including Asians. One such organization is The Gates Millennium Scholars program, established by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This organization offers financial aid for high school seniors, college students of all levels, and graduate students entering into fields such as computer science, science, and mathematics.

Other forms of financial aid for Asian students

Aside from the financial aid programs mentioned above, there are other ways to get financial aid if you are an Asian student. Use the Internet to search for other organizations that offer financial aid to Asian students, like the Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program. You can also seek for financial aid from your country of origin. Many countries have organizations that offer financial aid for those who want to study in the US. Get to know the organization you are dealing with and how they can help you. Before signing up, be sure to go over all of the details of your financial aid plan. Once you are approved, you can focus a little more on your studies rather than thinking of how to pay tuition.

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