Examples of Personal Statement Essays as Foreign Students’ Guides

Colleges, law schools, medical schools, MBA programs, and graduate schools in the United States require all students, even foreigners, to submit personal statement essays upon applying. Personal statement essays allow admissions committees to know more about theapplicants aside from their grades. These essays also enable applicants to get accepted in a school. As a foreign student, the US education requirements, such as personal statement essays, might be new to you. And for you to come up with an essay that works to your advantage, it is advisable that you read examples online. Below are ways by which examples of personal statement essays can be useful for you.

Examples of personal statement essays serve as guides to writing your own essay

Many examples of personal statement essays found online are written by following instructions from colleges, law schools, medical schools, MBA schools, and graduate schools. Although instructions from different schools vary, you can find from the examples two or more characteristics that make an exceptional personal statement essay. The said characteristics include having a positive tone and optimistic perspective, using a friendly, straightforward and clear language, and having a content that is properly outlined and well-thought of. Apply the mentioned characteristics in your personal statement essay to make it stand out from those of other applicants.

Examples of personal statement essays show which themes to avoid

One of the themes that put readers of personal statement essays off is the self-pitying theme. Sounding like a victim in your personal statement essay shows that you allow challenges in life to bring you down and that you are not strong enough to get past major obstacles. So, instead of writing with a self-pitying tone, appeal to your readers how motivated and able you are to surpass the challenges that school work and studying in a foreign country offer. By doing so, you can convince more the admissions committee to accept you into the school.

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