Prestige: A Criterion in Choosing Schools

People have different criteria in choosing the best schools for themselves or for their children. Among the criteria are the location of the school, tuition, courses offered, religious orientation, and student population. Gender orientation and school popularity are, at times, also criteria people use in selecting educational institutions. On top of these deciding factors, however, the prestige of a school is often the most important for many people. Below are reasons people choose prestigious schools.

Reason 1 – Prestigious schools mean the best quality of education

The first reason is true for many educational institutions, but, it does not apply to all. Time can change the status and quality of education in schools and one that is known previously as a top-notch institution may no longer be so on the following years. Nevertheless, a school earns its reputation if it offers quality education.

The people that make up the faculty in prestigious schools are some of the most learned professors and instructors in varying fields of interests. The management of prestigious schools invest on the said educators so that students get holistic education and become well-prepared for their careers. In addition, through the guidance of learned educators, students enrolled in prestigious schools become more knowledgeable in the industries they choose to enter.

Reason 2 –  Prestigious schools give students an edge while job hunting

One of the factors employers look at when reading resumes is the schools applicants come from. If applicants graduated from the best schools, they make it to the short lists or are hired immediately. Sometimes, too, even if applicants do not have all the essential credentials for a position, they get the job because of the schools they came from. The mindset of employers toward schools explains why parents and students consider prestige and reputation as criteria for selecting schools.

Of course, other criteria in choosing schools are as important as prestige. But if the selection process leads you to deciding only on two very good schools, opt for the one that can help you go farther in your education and career. Despite the odds, the knowledge and training you will get from a prestigious institution is worth it in the end.

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