How To Make an Exceptional Resume

Your resume will be one of the first things that admissions committees and possible employers get to see from you. Resumes outline the experience, training, and education that you have had which is relevant to the field you are entering into. As a main component of your application package, it is important to make an exceptional resume; here are a few things to keep in mind in writing that resume.

Keep it concise

It can be tempting to write down all of your educational and professional accomplishments on your resume. Still, you have to consider how many resumes employers have to go through. Keep your resume concise by going straight to the point and keeping things short – one to two pages should be all you need. You can use bullet points for each accomplishment and skip the long explanation. If the readers have any questions, they can be answered during the interview.

Read, revise, and get and advice

Once you have finished making your resume, be sure to read it over a few times. Take a break from making your resume, revisit it and see what revisions you can make. Here are some simple tips on how to revise your resume:

* Make sure there are no grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors.
* Try not to sound redundant by avoiding repetitive words or phrases.
* Be honest and confident, but avoid sounding boastful.
* Make sure that all information is relevant, true, and complete.

After you have revised your resume and you think it is ready for submission, seek the advice of colleagues, friends, relatives and guidance counselors. Have them read your resume and give you their comments and suggestions. Make changes appropriately.

Tying in your resume with your application package

Once you have finished your resume, you will want to compile it with all of your other application requirements. If asked for a personal statement, you can use the essay to explain how the experience, training, and education mentioned in your resume has impacted you as a person. Use examples of personal statements to get an idea of what employers and admissions committees look for. You can also get ideas, themes, and topics from examples of personal statement available online.

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