Debunking Some Prevalent Rumors about the MBA

When applying for an MBA program, you will probably hear and read a lot of information about MBA school, MBA admissions, and MBA degrees.  The problem is, it’s high likely that not everything you hear or read about them will be true.  In fact, there are numerous myths about MBA that many people believe in.  Here are some MBA myths and the truths behind them:

Myth 1: You need to be a business major to qualify for MBA

The truth is, people from many different fields apply to and qualify for MBA programs and schools all around the world.  Most schools will accept applicants as long as they have a US Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent form of achievement.(1)  In fact, if you just take a little time to read some personal statement examples, you will find that MBA applicants come from all kinds of academic backgrounds.  Don’t believe in this myth, because you will only discourage yourself in getting your MBA degree.

Myth 2: You won’t get admitted to top MBA schools if you didn’t come from a blue-chip company

Another common myth is that you need to be from a blue-chip company to get admitted to a reputable MBA school.  While some schools will require that applicants to have had practical experience in the working world, others are willing to accept applicants with no working experience at all.(2)  If you do plan on applying to a top MBA school without any working experience, try checking out some examples of personal statements to get an edge over your competition.  You’re bound to find an example of personal statement that’s written by someone who isn’t from a blue-chip company.

Myth 3: Using a former alumna as personal reference that will help you secure a spot

Getting letters of recommendation and other forms of help from an alumna is a clever way to increase your chances of getting accepted.  It’s important to realize, though, that an MBA school will not accept you just because one of their alumni wrote a recommendation letter for you.(3)  Take matters into your own hands and have confidence that your own skills, capabilities, and experiences are enough to get you into MBA school.  Be sure to capitalize on your personality, character, skills, education, and training by writing an excellent MBA admission essay with the help of personal statement examples.


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