Getting Ahead with Your Scholarship Application

So you’re finishing up your application package and you’re looking for some personal statement examples to help you on your essay when you came across some information on scholarships.  At first glance, it may seem as though scholarships are impossible to obtain and that you need to have impeccable grades and an outstanding resume.  While these things may definitely help you, there are a few other factors that can boost your chances of getting a scholarship plan.(1)  Read on for some helpful tips on scholarship applications.

Know what the sponsor is looking for, and gauge your success based on this

Before you start applying for scholarships, it’s important to get a good idea of what the sponsor is looking for.  Try to gather all of the information you need, and determine if you are eligible for a scholarship.  Aside from checking the websites of sponsors, you can also give them a call in an attempt to talk to someone who can give you all of the details you have to know.(2)  Just like using personal statement examples to help you understand how to write an admission essay, it is also important to gather sponsor information for better chances at landing a scholarship plan.

Send all requirements in advance

One of the golden rules when submitting applications of any sort is to make sure that you complete all of the requirements in full and send them before the deadline.  Not only will you get a head-start on your competition, but you will also let your probable sponsors know that you are responsible.(3)  Be sure to allot enough time for writing your personal statement, if it is required.  You can use personal statement examples to get the gist of what a scholarship personal statement should be like.  Before submitting your requirements, compare your essay with a personal statement example to ensure that you did a great job at writing.

Do well with your application essay by focusing on more meaningful discussions

When you are brainstorming on topics to write about in your essay, use examples of personal statements.  You’ll find that most examples of personal statements focus on meaningful discussions, such as goals and aspirations, your merits, and how you make a good candidate for the scholarship.  Some topics that would be great for use in your essay include your personal growth, your character, and your individuality.(4)


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