The ABCs of Admission Essay Writing

One of the basic requirements for your application to a post-secondary educational institution is the admission essay.  Simply put, the admission essay can spell the difference between getting accepted or rejected to the school of your choice. If you are having trouble writing your personal statement, you may want to read on for some basic but helpful tips on writing an exceptional piece.  This article will also give advise on how you can use personal statement examples to help you along the way.

Accurate accounts of your student life

When writing your admission essay, it’s essential that you make accurate accounts of your student life. Not only can admissions committees double check your transcripts and what you write on your resume, but most admissions officers can also spot a lie a mile away, so don’t even think about it.(1)  Scour the Internet for some examples of personal statements to see how other writers use their student life to enhance their essays.

Brief but powerful descriptions of your experiences

If you plan on writing about life experiences, make sure that your descriptions are concise, brief, and, most of all, powerful.  Read a good example of personal statement, and you’ll notice how the writer uses literary strategies to make their experiences come across more vividly and with impact.  The last thing you want to do is bore the admissions officers who are reading your essay.(2)

Convincing conclusions

In concluding your admission essay, you should keep in mind your main objective, that is, to persuade the admission committee to accept you into their school.  Try to use what you have already written about (your student life and your experiences) to prove that you have the values and traits that it takes to succeed in the college that you are applying to.  Make sure that you don’t come off as being boastful or arrogant, instead try to be humble but confident.(3)  Look for an example of personal statement with a persuasive conclusion, and try to emulate how the writer was able to succeed in reaching the main goal of the admission essay.


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