Examples of Personal Statements: Top 10 Best Writing Tips


Reading examples of personal statements is an excellent way to get ideas that you can use when you write your own.  Aside from reading sample essays, there are also various tips on writing that you can find online.  Below are some of these tips.

Common problems in writing an admission essay

Before you start your writing process, you have to be aware that writing is not very easy.  One of the problems you would probably encounter is deciding for your topic or theme.  Hundreds or even thousands of people are vying for a spot in the university that you want.  So it could really be difficult to choose a theme that would make your admission essay unique.  Another difficulty you would probably encounter is deciding for the scope.  An admission essay should not be very long, so you really have to limit the scope of your essay very well.

Top 10 essay writing tips

It is very important that you are equipped with helpful tips when you write your essay.  The following are top ten essay writing tips to keep in mind:

1.  The first tip is to make your essay interesting and creative.  By doing this, you could grab the attention of the admission committee.
2.  The next tip is to weave your ideas with one theme.
3.  Next, make sure that you write with clarity.  A clear essay is engaging and fun to read.
4.  Don’t forget to make your essay coherent.
5.  Provide a three-dimensional image of yourself through your essay.  Your essay is the means through which you can reveal your personality to the admission committee.
6.  Then, make sure you develop your theme well.
7.  Do not use jargons and highfalutin words in order to impress the admission officers.
8.  You also have to ensure that your essay is well-edited.
9.  You have to read it several times to make sure that it is error-free.
10.  Lastly, you should let others read your essay.  Ask them for suggestions.


When you write your personal statement, there are other things that you have to keep in mind.  One of these is the limit of your creativity.  A creative essay is notable.  However, you have to limit your creativity.  Remember that you are not writing an essay for a creative writing class.  You also have to remember to include only your experiences relevant to your application.  Keep in mind that a personal statement is supposedly short.

Before you start writing your admission essay, it is an advantage if you read excellent examples of personal statements.  You can use these examples of personal statements as guides.

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