A Fictional Character as the Subject of Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement is one of the most important requirements for your application package.  While most people see the personal statement as a stressful requirement, it is also an opportunity to introduce yourself to the admissions committee by writing about practically any topic you can think of.  In fact, you can even write your personal statement based on a fictional character.  Choosing a fictional character for your personal statement topic may seem rather absurd at first, but you can come up with a great essay if you handle the topic with care.  This article will offer some helpful information on using a fictional character as a topic or theme for your personal statement.

A fictional character as a catchy essay subject

Fiction books, movies, and stories come in all sorts.  From the fanciful and intangible to the scientific and realistic, you can find fiction stories of all kinds, each with different fictional characters.  Each character is a unique personality that you can relate to in various ways, on various levels, and through various channels of emotion and thought.  This is what makes fictional characters such a catchy essay topic; if offers you diversity, depth, and broadness of the topic.  You must realize, though, that the task of writing a personal statement is not similar to writing a book report or research paper.  Your personal statement is something that reveals your personality, your values, your virtues, and your strengths.  For this reason, it can take some deep reflection and self-evaluation to come up with a great personal statement based on a fictional character.

Discussing your favorite fictional character effectively

To use a fictional character effectively as your essay topic, you should try to understand how you relate to the character and how the character has positively affected you and your life.  You may want to think of the qualities and traits that you have in common with the fictional character, such as fortitude, resilience, honesty, faithfulness, or integrity.  Your main objective is to keep the focus on yourse;f, while using the fictional character as a point of reference or a source of inspiration.

Think of why you want to use the character as the subject of your paper and try to express that in your essay.  Make a clear connection between how the fictional character has had a positive effect on your personal development.  Then, establish a clear connection between how your personality and character traits make you a good candidate for acceptance to the school you are applying to.

Other tips to make your essay catchy

Here are a few more tips on how to make your essay catchy:

–  Try capturing the reader’s interest and attention from the beginning of your essay by starting your essay with a quote from your favorite character, a passage from the story the character is featured in, or a personal anecdote related to you and the character.

–  Focus on telling the story of how you have been affected as a result of the connection you have made with the character.

–  Try to have other people read your essay and ask for their opinions, suggestions, or comments.  This will help you polish your fictional-character-based essay into a personal statement worthy of even the best schools in the world.

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