Exploring the hilife2b blog

Hilife2b is a website that focuses on personal improvement.  As such, the blog touches on a variety of categories, ranging from academic and personal to social and travel.  As the name of blog implies, the site contains articles that are aimed at improving your life so that you can be happy and lead a “good life”.  On the hilife2b blog, you’ll find articles that will help you find out if you are a leader or a follower, as well as tips and tricks to help you excel in various areas of life.

Hilife’s high-style

The greatest feature of the hilife2b blog is its layout and design.  The blog’s design is a refreshing reminder that some bloggers out there still care about personalizing their website and making it look less like the millions of generic, template-driven blog designs out there.  The layout is easy to read and understand.  Juxtaposed to the left of each blog entry is a rectangular box with important information about the blog entry, such as the category it is posted in, when it was written, who the author is, and a short list of related posts.  This feature helps to give the blog a very clean, neat, and organized design, without over-cluttering the webpage.  Overall, the design and layout of the page make it easy on the eyes, and it helps to bring some simplicity and class to the blog.  On top of that, the blog features articles that are all written in a perspective and manner that makes them relevant to the theme of the blog.

Low points of hilife2b

Although the blog looks good and navigates well as it is, there is still some room for improvement.  Here are some of my suggestions:
–  Try to make better use of the space on the page.  There are a lot of blank areas that can be used for enhancing the design and layout.
–  The background of the search bar looks as though it was just cut and pasted there because it doesn’t match the color-scheme of the rest of the page.  This is important, especially because it is at the top of the page, intersecting with the hilife2b icon, making it one of the first things that visitors see.

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