Study Successful blog reviewed

Study Successful is a blog where you can get information on “how to be a successful student”.  Aside from having personal development articles like “How to Make a Good College Start“, the blog also features articles on other topics concerning students, like how the Credit Card Act impacts students.”  The site is written by a student named Stefan Knapen, a soon-to-be Medicine student at the University of Groningen, in Netherlands.  Overall, the Study Successful blog is well-done, especially considering the fact that there is only one person authoring all of the blog entries.

Successes of Study Successful

If there is one thing that Study Successful is doing well, it has to be the selection of topics.  Many of the blogs that focus on self-help student hacks go off in all sorts of tangents, with blog entries on just about anything under the sun.  The great thing about Study Successful is that the author chooses his topics well.  The topics are relevant, fresh, and useful.  Furthermore, even though the author’s target audience is students, the way the articles are written make them useful for just about anyone who reads them.  Study Successful also succeeds at avoiding the clutter (like tags, long category lists, or other irrelevant information) that many other blogs have.

Paving a road to better success

Study Successful is a good start and it looks to have a lot of potential.  Some improvements that I suggest for Study Successful include:
1.  Fixing the issue with the mis-aligned blog titles.  The blog titles, tweet boxes, and posting dates are aligned to the right side and they overlap with the links from the previous blog post.  This makes it confusing and difficult to read.
2.  The blog can branch out and produce more blog entries with a multi-author approach.  Although the single-author approach has its benefits, I think that it will be difficult to keep creating blog entries as a single author, especially considering the fact that Stefan is starting Medicine soon.
3.  Give the site a design theme.  Although the simplicity of the layout looks nice, I think that it is just too blank.  It would also help to improve the layout to make the site more convenient and easy to navigate.

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