Xatal blog review

Xatal is a blog that focuses on providing advice, tips, and information about high school and college.  As such, the main audience of the site is comprised of high school and college students, as well as their parents, perhaps.  Aside from school-related articles, Xatal also features articles about the author’s various interests, like computers, music, video games, and web design.  Some of the articles you are likely to find on this blog include freshmen college tips and computer software information.

What’s to like about Xatal

One of the factors that first caught my attention on the Xatal website is the motto: “Help so good, it’s like you’re cheating.”  In this short motto, visitors get an idea of the type of website this is, who it is meant for, and what you can expect to find in the blog entries.  Basically, it gives the blog some attitude or personality that the reader can relate to.  Another good thing about the blog is its overall design and layout.  Although the design is simple, it is not boring and it gives visitors access to pretty much anything that they are looking for on the site.  The layout is well-organized, with good spacing and an effective use of space.

What’s not to like about Xatal

What I dislike the most about Xatal is that the attitude and personality in the motto does not come through in the actual blog entries.  There are some blog entries that still have that pizazz that the motto embodies, but some of the articles just seem like rehashes of what all the other student-help blogs talk about.  If there is anything that makes a blog unique these days, it’s personality and perspective.  I think Xatal would improve greatly if the authors draw on that same inspiration that led to the blog’s great motto.

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