Great Starting Points for Your Essay College Admission

It can be difficult to start your personal statement, especially if you are not too sure what you will be writing about in the first place. To help relieve some of your stress, it may be helpful to approach your personal statement like you would any other essay. When you start your essay, you want it to be interesting, attention-capturing, and downright captivating. Here are some ways on how you can write an amazing introduction:

Thought-provoking questions

You have probably read one or two great essays that start with a question. The reason a question makes for a good introduction is that it instantly gets your reader to interact. By asking a question, the reader will think about how to answer the question, how they feel about the question, and why you posed the question to begin with. Try to use a thought-provoking question to entice your reader to keep reading out of interest.


Another great way to start your personal statement is to use an analogy. It is important though that the analogy that you use is related to who you are and what your story is. By using an analogy, it engages your reader to think about the relations in your analogy and what the analogy says about you, the writer. In essence, an analogy is a comparison of sorts and this is why it makes for a good introduction, because you get the reader to think about what you are saying and the connections you are making. Just make sure that the analogy you use is meaningful, relative, and interesting.

Touching stories

Third, you can start your essay with a touching story or something personal. Although this may be rather overused in the personal statement, it all depends on how you tell your story. The operative word here is “personal.” You want to get personal with your reader and tell them what makes you unique, what makes you who you are, and why who you are makes a good addition to their college. Try not to be too over the edge when you write touching stories; just tell the story naturally and, most of all, tell it from the heart.

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