Application Essays: Writing From the Heart

Do you want to write applications essays which are honest and original? This article will show you how you can write essays that really speak from the heart.

Before getting accepted at a certain school or university for your chosen college or graduate course, completing your application essay should be given due to priority first. The essay is an excellent means for you to discuss about yourself, why you want to take up the course at your chosen school, and how you can make a difference to society and in your chosen field once you graduate and step into the real world. A sincere and interesting essay will surely capture the attention of the selection committee so writing from the heart is extremely important.

Why writing from the heart is good for your application essay

The selection committee will want to get a glimpse of your personality through your essay. Thus, an essay that is written from the heart will be better appreciated than one that has formal, lifeless tones. One of the most effective means to make your essay more open and honest is by citing examples. Writing generalized statements is fine, but don’t forget to add concrete examples afterward. This will make your composition more original and heartfelt.

When you write from the heart you also tend to make your essay more organized. This is because you choose certain events that really contribute to your essay rather than just stuffing it with fillers in an attempt at making the composition appear longer and more complete. When writing personal statements, less is more. Although you may recount relevant experiences and accounts to make your essay authentic, you still need to be selective with your content and choose a cohesive theme.

Essay writing tips to keep your essay personal and sincere

There are several tips that you can follow in order to make your essay more honest.

– First off, you need to include genuine accounts, experiences, and personal anecdotes. This will give your essay a more personal theme

– Avoiding the use of cliches is also important. When you use excessive cliches, your essay will sound more contrived and not at all sincere and original.

– Give examples where you can. If you must use general statements, this is fine, but make sure that you cite examples and that you provide insights into your experiences.

– Give attention to details. If there is one way to make your essay stand out, it is through vivid details that really tell a story.

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