Why Too Many Ideas Can Spoil Your Admission Essay

Do you want to know how important organization is in writing your admission essay? Check this article and find tips in making your essay more coherent and effective.

The admission essay is often regarded to be one of the most difficult aspects of the entire application process. However, any applicant has more control on the crafting of his or her personal statement or essay than on any other part of the application.

It is important to achieve an organized flow of ideas and events when writing your personal essay. When written in an effective, original, and organized manner, your essay can win you the favor of the selection committee. On the other hand, if your essay contains too many conflicting ideas and lacks coherence, it could affect your application in an unfavorable way.

Disadvantages of discussing too many ideas in your college application essay

Your admission essay is essentially a reflection of yourself, and making it as unique and original as possible is very important. It is also important to discuss certain ideas in your essay so as to give the selection board offices a peek into your personality and your aspirations. However, including too many ideas in your essay can be more detrimental than valuable. The inclusion of too many ideas, events, or activities in your essay can easily make it ineffective and disjointed.

Concentrating on certain topics will help your essay take on a more structured form as opposed to including too many types of information which are no longer relevant. This will only make your essay look like a history recount rather than a unique and interesting personal statement. Choose certain things or events about yourself that you want to write about and make sure that these stories all add up to one coherent piece.

Statement writings tips that’ll help you keep your focus on your thesis

One of the best ways to achieve focus and organization in your thesis is to write about things which are not to be found in your academic records or letters of recommendation. If you must recount a certain travel experience for example, don’t merely write about the attractions of the place. Include the insights you have gained in your travel and how these may have shaped your perceptions into what they are today. Also, don’t forget to rewrite what you have already written. You can organize your essay better in this manner since you will be able to see which parts have become redundant or which phrases utilize too many cliches.

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