How to Turn that Blank Page into a Winning Essay for Admission

You may hear a remark that goes like this — no admission essay is perfect. But, whether that is true or not, there is one assertion that could not be contested. It is the fact that some essays are outstanding, some are mediocre, and many are simply horrendous. The following pointers (if you adhere to them faithfully), will assure you that your essay will rise above the masses of mediocre essays.

A catchy topic for your essay to get into college

It all starts with the first paragraph. To hook your readers, you can start with a quote, an unbelievable (yet true) statistic about you, or a life experience you had when you were a teenager. Make sure that the story you choose will support the focus or topic you have chosen for your essay. Make sure to avoid the topics that have been used so many times by other applicants. Your goal is to let your essay stand out and capture the attention of the readers. Weird topics can be used by make sure you discuss them effectively. Coming up with a somewhat weird but doable topic can give you a lot of chances to show off your creative juices.

Effective supporting statements for your application essays for college

An effective admission essay writing tip suggested by many experts is to start it all with the thesis statement, then proceed with at least 3 supporting statements which would give credence to your thesis statement. These supporting statements serve as evidence of your story. These statements could be your own theories or experiences, or could be something you have researched on- it all depends on what exactly your theme is.

Choosing a less-used topic would often be more interesting to the readers than the mainstream ones used over the years. Whatever you choose however, the important thing is that you come up with supporting statements to firm up your thesis statement.

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