What a Statement of Purpose Should Be According to Harvard

A lot of people dream of becoming a Harvard graduate. Admission to this prestigious university almost secures one a bright future. With a degree from Harvard, you won’t have difficulty struggling your way to the top of the corporate ladder in the future. But what does it take to get admitted to Harvard?

Allen shares some ideas on how to get admitted to Harvard with your admission essay. Read on to know the qualities of an interesting statement of purpose that could secure you a spot in this prestigious university.

The statement of purpose should display clarity of thought

A clear essay is preferred by Harvard admissions panel. Here is an excerpt from the blog explaining why your essay should be clear.

It functions as a writing sample, often the only one you submit. Make it as solid a piece of writing as possible. It can also function as your interview if none is required. It is a chance to introduce yourself and describe who you are, what your background is, and what is important to you.

Your personal statement should be clear and should not have ambiguous meanings. Your readers should be able to learn more about you– your values, skills, potentials, and goals. They should have a clear idea what kind of an individual you are to know if you can be a good match to their school standards.

The essay should display the focus and the fit

It is important that your choice of school and program is not just a random musing. You need to have a reason and the qualifications.

…are your interests in graduate study focused and is there a good fit with your interests and the particular program or school? This requires carefully researching the school or program to which you are applying.Read about the program’s emphasis, the nature of the required courses, the work or research of its faculty. The more you know about the program to which you are applying, the better. You will sound more knowledgeable and more convincing in your essay.

You need to work really hard on your application essay, because it definitely gives you an advantage over hundreds of other applicants. According to another article:

Do not underestimate the importance of this statement. It is your opportunity to inform the faculty reviewers of your qualifications, motivation, and potential to make a contribution to the field…

Your personal statement gives you an upperhand over other applicants. It tells the admissions committee if your character and skills make a good match with the school’s requirements, goals, and ideals. Through the essay, they screen applicants who are likely to succeed in the chosen program.

If you want to get admitted to Harvard University, remember that your personal statement should be clear in revealing your personality. It should also display that “focus” and “fit” with the help of research.

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