Using an Admission Essay Sample to Perfect Your Essay

After your high school education, you are probably well versed in writing term papers, persuasive essays, and all sorts of essay writing assignments, but none have had as big an impact on your life as your admission essay. Your admission essay can spell the difference between getting admitted or rejected to the college of your dreams. If you’re having a hard time getting your admission essay right, then you may want to try using an admission essay sample that can greatly benefit you when writing your application essay. Here’s what the BharatBhasha education blog has to say about using admission essay samples to help you complete your essay, be it for graduate school admission or college application:

If you have been reading through the sample graduate school essays that you were able to find on the Internet, you will notice that those who succeeded in getting into the program and university of their choice always show their determination to fulfill their goals and passion for their field.

Aside from good grades, dedication is another trait that’s highly valued by academic institutions. They look for students that make great additions to the school because of their contribution to diversity, their leadership potential, and to establishing the long-held traditions of the school. They want someone who can succeed in the chosen program.

How do the writers present their philosophy and motivation for pursuing a [graduate] degree? A good essay should tell how a socially relevant event influenced a writer’s decision to earn his or her master’s or PhD….Your claim has to be supported by a review of your past experiences.

As you can probably notice in good essay samples, successful applicants don’t merely enumerate their accomplishments and reasons for choosing the university or program. They use personal experiences, anecdotes, and their own ideas to show their dedication. They cite challenging moments in their life and discuss how they were able to bounce back from such an ordeal. This gives depth to their admission essay, and shows what kind of a person they truly are.

Choosing admission essay samples to aid you

Perhaps the most important step to getting help from an admission essay sample is to choose the right essay to help you out. It would be no use to pick out essay samples that have wrong grammar, bad topics, or those that simply aren’t well-written. But no matter how well-crafted they are, you are not supposed to use these samples and declare them as your own. Resist the urge to plagiarize and only use them as a guide.

A college admissions blog has this to say on the use of essay samples:

College admission essay samples should serve as admission guide for writing. Writing is not a solitary process in this circumstance. Writing help is available in different forms and samples are just one of the many forms. While help from sample papers can do the job, the benefits of you personally putting pen to paper cannot be over emphasized. Some sample papers will offer just the basics of writing an introduction, the body and the conclusion. The extent to which you will get help from these papers will very depending on your level of education and the quality of the paper. However, when you look at these papers, look beyond the ideas to the approaches, placement of opinions and manner of conclusion.

Choose essays that are technically sound, read well, are structured appropriately, have interesting topics, and show the admissions committee that you are worthy of admission into their school. Beyond this, however, it is also essential that you choose admission essay samples that are similar to what you plan on writing. For example, choose admission essays that talk about life experiences similar to your own, that way you can analyze how these topics and themes were developed so you can use the same strategies in your essay.

A few reminders and tips

Now that you have a good idea of how these samples can help, the next step is to actually find samples to help you out. Remember that different schools have varying criteria for what makes a good essay. It would be better if you choose sample essays written for the particular college or university that you are applying to.

Only make use of essays that are openly available to you and the public. Don’t make use of essays that may have come from illegal or unfair means, or else you may be an accomplice to crimes on intellectual rights. In the end, it all comes down to writing your own, original, exceptional admission essay. Although it may not be an easy feat, once you have written your essay and you get into college, you can be proud of your accomplishment and you can be thankful for the samples that helped you along the way.

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