Custom law school admission essay outline focused on motivation

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I.  Introduction
A.  Explaining my stance when I first entered college and took up Psychology
B.  Describing my desire to help people on a deep level of conscientiousness and meaning (talking, listening, helping)
C.  Mentioning the incident with mom (will be fleshed out later in essay)
D.  Tough times helped to hone in on my passion, my drive, and my goals in life.
E.  Applying to law school

II.  Growing up and intro to high school
A.  My mother and I have always had a close relationship.
B.  Being raised in a single-parent household with 4 siblings
C.  Coming from a humble household: recounting Washington DC story, where I couldn’t go because we didn’t have money
D.  Playing a role in earning money, helping the household, and helping my mother deal with the burdens of being single mother: working two jobs at 13
E.  Explaining high school background, keeping a full-time job, taking honors classes, taking extra curricular activities, graduating with a 3.1 GPA

III.  College and the incident
A.  At the age of 17 and studying to earn my Psychology degree, my mother was suddenly fired from her job.
B.  I later found out that she was terminated under wrongful circumstances.
C.  In order to evade unemployment fees, the company lied to the government about the termination of my mother.
D.  Because my mother refused to take action against the injustice, I took the matter into my own hands, researching the case myself and finding a pro bono lawyer to represent my mother.
E.  We won the case.

IV.  My passion and my purpose for applying to law school
A.  The incident with my mother opened my eyes to injustice that many other minorities are experiencing, just as my mother had experienced.
B.  It was for this reason that I decided to take up law school.
C.  I want to play a significant role in bringing about justice, specifically by educating and defending minorities’ rights.
D.  This was the focus and clarity that I had achieved through the incident involving my mother, for it helped me realize the precise manner through which I can help those around me.


When I entered into college, I made the decision to take up psychology.  This decision was based on my desire to work with people on a deep level, listening to them, talking to them, and helping them in any way I could.  When I turned 17, an unfortunate incident occurred involving my mother.  The incident resulted in tough times for the household, for my mother, and as well as for myself.  Despite the difficulties we faced at the time, it was through this incident that I learned my true calling as my dreams achieved a certain clarity and focus.  And, most definitely, it is the reason why I am now applying to law school.

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