Online bachelors degree personal statement example

When I first started my career in banking in 2004 as a retail sales associate, I wasn’t sure of where it would all lead.  To be honest, I merely saw the opportunity as a means to earn work experience, get better educated and trained, and make some income.  Now, about six years later, my career in banking has continued and it has brought me to greater heights of success, and a sense of realization about my dreams, my aspirations, and who I am as a person.  It is a career that I have grown to love and appreciate, one that I wish to continue excelling in not only to achieve better banking job opportunities, but also to continue my journey of self-fulfillment.  This is why I am applying for an online bachelor’s degree from __________.

I.  Introduction
A.  Explain how I first started my career in banking
B.  Starting out in banking, my goals were merely to gain experience, training, education, income
C.  Six years down the line, I have matured, my goals are more directed, and I continue in my career in banking
D.  I now love my career and wish to continue with it, which is why I am applying for this online course

II.  My career in banking
A.  When I first began in banking in 2004, I worked as a retail sales associate for Charter One Bank in Chicago, my home town.
B.  My experience getting used to the responsibilities of my job
C.  Developing a sense of belonging in banking, and excelling to better positions
D.  Getting promoted to teller manager and realizing how wonderful it felt to achieve this position
E.  Promotion to assistant branch manager and taking on even bigger responsibilities gave me a feeling of self-fulfilment that I had achieved something great in my career.
F.  This inspired and drove me to work harder and I was able to achieve the position of Branch Manager in Feb 2009

III.  A change of pace
A.  I wanted to explore my options and opportunities in banking so I applied at Bank of America and was accepted as Assistant Branch Manager
B.  Although it was a step down from my previous position, I felt that I had a lot to learn from Bank of America
C.  This has motivated me to pursue higher levels of education, that I may get a better position where I can really make a difference, maximizing resources for departmental growth
D.  Realizing that I would need a flexible education program, I decided to go for an online course, so I could still attend to my duties as Assistant Branch Manager with Bank of America while earning my degree.

IV.  Applying at ____ for an online bachelor’s degree
A.  The online course at _______ fits in perfectly with my goals, giving me a flexible schedule to pursue my studies while working
B.  The program at ______ is amazing and I think it will give me the education, training, and experience that I need to succeed in my career in banking.
C.  I think now is the perfect time for me to pursue my online degree, because I am in the position where I know my career path, I know my current job position, and I know that I can do what it takes to succeed in both schooling and in the workplace.

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