Graduate social work personal statement example

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Social work is not a job or a profession. It is a huge part of American history, taking root way back in 1898. Social work entails passion and a strong desire to help others. I have always enjoyed helping others out and started volunteer work in an institution helping the youth conquer substance abuse when I was a teenager. There are no words to describe the feeling I get knowing that my efforts have helped someone. In order to help others more, I decided to pursue additional studies in Social Work in ____ University where passion and enthusiasm to help others are held in high regard.

A. Social work is part of American history and began in 1898
B. The field of social work entails passion and enthusiasm and a strong desire to help others
C. Further education can improve my social work skills in order to better help others
D. I should pursue further studies in a school that values passion and enthusiasm

II.My passion for social work
A. I started social work when I was a teenager by volunteering in an institution focused on helping adolescents
B. However, I majored in business before I finally decided to pursue a degree in social work because I feel at home in this field
C. During my college years, I was able to work with a myriad of people who taught me a lot about social work
D. Despite obtaining a degree in Social Work from a reputable college, I still attend trainings and seminars

III.Continuous learning and ___ University
A. Continuous education is important in order to deliver optimal service in the world of social work
B. ___ University is the ideal venue to develop my social work skills
C. The social work graduate program in ___ University offers not only sound theoretical foundation but exciting and challenging practicum programs

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