Physical Therapy graduate program personal statement example

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Admission essay excerpt:

Hippocrates once said that “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”  Throughout my life, my studies, and my career, I have found that this saying couldn’t be any more true.  While, indeed, “time heals all wounds,” the  process itself allows us to find hope, comfort, and a facet of healing that is not just physical but perhaps even emotional and spiritual.  Opportunities come in all shapes and forms, and all forms of opportunity can aid in healing, whether that opportunity be in the chance of finding a caring doctor whom you trust, the luck of having a loving family to comfort you, or the good fortune of still having your life despite injury.


I.  Introduction
A.  Hippocrates: “Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity.”
B.  One of my favorite sayings that has been proven true throughout my life, career, education.
C.  Explaining the role of opportunity in healing: it gives hope, comfort, emotional and spiritual healing
D.  Examples of opportunity: caring doctor, loving family, life

II.  Being a source of opportunity for others
A.  Oftentimes, when injured, we can fall into a state of despair, depression, or pervading pessimism.
B.  This is when we tend to forget about all of the opportunities around us.
C.  One of my goals in life is to turn myself into someone who can be a source of opportunity to others in need.
D.  This is why I have spent much of my career and post-secondary education in Physical Therapy.
E.  It is a field that gives me the opportunity to be a source of opportunity for those who may need it most.
F.  Physical therapy emphasizes educating and empowering people to take back control over their health and their lives.
G.  My experience in the field of Physical Therapy
i.   Desire to help others
ii.  Experience in community services

III.  Taking up Physical Therapy at _________ University
A.  It is only by making full use of one’s opportunities that he can turn any potential into actuality
B.  I believe that _________ University offers the biggest opportunity and the best environment and educational system to help me attain my goals.

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