Personal statement Example: Mass Media MBA

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Admission essay excerpt:

I said “I Do” to a career in media when I was only 16 years old. I grew up listening to the radio and started believing that some day, I’ll be able to work in one. I was 16, and in second year high school when the local radio station had an opening for a college level intern.  I was disappointed to hear about the college level requirement, but I didn’t let it stop me from making my dreams come true. I applied and was able to convince them of my knowledge of the media industry. But perhaps what made them consider me for the internship is my unwavering determination.  Even at a tender age of 16, I was not afraid to give it a try and believed that I can be successful in the field.  The station then accepted me as their youngest intern.


I.  Marriage and commitment to the field of broadcast communication

A.  I was only sixteen years old when I applied for internship and got accepted as an intern for a local radio station.
B.  During my internship, I showed every one that I was committed to the field of broadcast media.
C.  I worked hard at everything that was thrown at me. I made promotion packets, distributed flyers, and cleaned the equipment used.
D.  During the internship, I tried to learn everything and anything I could from the station personnel.

II.  My calling

A.  During my college years, I was accepted as an intern at Black Entertainment Television (BET) and was offered paid internship at Cable News Network (CNN).
B.  Juggling these two internships showed me my true calling in the broadcasting field.
C.  It also taught me excellent time management skills.

III. Getting an MBA degree
A.  An MBA would greatly help me make my mark in the industry.
B.  A masters degree will give me the opportunity to hone my management and leadership skills to be the best in my field of work.
C.  ____ College offers the best curriculum that matches my goals and fits in with my work schedule

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