Graduate school personal statement example

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Admission essay excerpt:

Even as a little boy, I’ve always been very curious with everything that’s going on around me.  I seek new ways to learn and gain experience in everything I do, be it in horseback riding, watching movies, or reading the newspapers.  This same drive pushes me to achieve more.  Being a skilled communicator myself and having mastered two languages, Arabic and English, I found my niche in the academic world as a lecturer for some of the well-known universities and institutes in Bahrain, where I teach science- and business-related subjects.  Teaching has been my passion as it feeds my desire to learn more, apply new ideas, lead people, and help young students realize their true potentials, the way I did back in college.  Seeing the vast world of opportunities before me, I want to take a step further to enhance my skills and explore more career options.  This realization led to my aspiration to apply for the ___ graduate program of ________ University.

Sample outline:

I.  Introduction

A.  Personal traits
i.  seeking new ways to learn and gain experience in everything
ii.  driven to achieve more
iii.  skilled communicator (fluent in Arabic and English)
iv.  teaching is my passion

B.  Why I’m interested in applying for the ___program at ___ University

i.  to explore more opportunities
ii.  to further enhance my skills in research, etc.
iii.  to consider more career options with the help of the program
iv.  to be able to apply new ideas and become a better leader

C.  Career objective

i.  to land a challenging position with a reputable organization that will enable me to expand my knowledge and experience in order to enhance my scope

II.  Academic experience

A.  B.S. (Chemistry science) –  University Of Bahrain, 1996
B.  PMP (Professional Management Project) – Novotech, 2010
C.  MBA ( Master of Business and Administration ) AMA International University Bahrain, 2006
D.  QMS Audit (ISO 9001:2008),2010
E.  PCT professional certified trainer, Canada, 2012

III.  Work experience

A.  2010 – lecturer (AAT, Delmon University)
i.  teaches all subjects related to science and business
B.  2006 – lecturer –BTI (Bahrain Training Institute)
i.  teaches all subjects related to science and business
C.  2006 – lecturer – Delmon University – (part time)
i.  teaches all subjects related to science and business
D.  1999 – administration supervisor – Safra School
E.  1996 – 1999 Assistant Manager (R&D), Dep. – Awal Plastic Company

IV.  Personal qualities

A.  Skills and personal traits

i.  excellent leadership skills and people management
ii.  has a good sense of urgency
iii.  strong interpersonal relations skills
iv.  excellent problem solving skills
v.  has team work spirit
vi.  skilled communicator and writer
vii.  driven to learn (apply new ideas)
viii.  fluent in English and Arabic, written and spoken
ix.  proficient in Microsoft Office applications

B.  Interests

i.  reading newspapers
ii.  football
iii.  horseback riding
iv.  swimming
v.  watching movies

V.  Why I’ve chosen the ___ University

i.  It offers a _____ program that best matches my goals, objectives, and personal requirements.
ii.  It ensures quality education and world-class training that will open new doors for me.

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