Agribusiness graduate degree sample personal statement

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I am from a family of farmers in Guyana, South Africa. I grew up tilling the land and tending to animals. Due to my father’s desire to give us a better life, he started a small grocery shop. The whole family pitched in the operations of our small store. Before long, I found myself handling the inventory, ordering system and assisted in the bookkeeping. However, our grocery store was robbed. Due to the losses we encountered, we did not reopen the store. We went back to farming. However, this did not stop me from pursuing and achieving my goals.


I. A Life of Hardship
A. I am from a family of farmers from Africa.
B. We opened a grocery store to add to our income. However, the store was robbed and we lost everything.
C. Despite losing our source of income, we continued on, reverting back to farming.
D. This taught me to be strong so that I can still pursue my dreams. I should not give up easily.

II. Perseverance
A. After graduating from school at the age of 16, I was invited to teach in the local school.
B. I handled subjects like Mathematics and Accounting.
C. When our family migrated to the United States, I wasted no time in attending additional courses that will help me earn more for my family.
D. I obtained a certification for Medical Billing.

III. Continuing Education
A. Despite the additional training in Medical Billing, I find my knowledge in business to be lacking.
B. I was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Finance/Investments with a minor in Political Science.
C. However, I feel the need to pursue additional education in the field of business.
D. ____ College will be able to answer my needs for continued education in the field that I chose.

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