The Ultimate Realization of My Dream

People say that I am a good salesman and that I can make a good living out of it. But when I truly search myself, I know that my stints as a clerk, cashier, and salesperson were only stepping stones to the ultimate realization of my dream, that is, to be able to go to med school. With my pre-med degree in Life Science, I can say that I’m ready to take next step and start fulfilling my life-long goal. Through the ____ program, I would like to work my way through and become a successful patient coordinator. The word-class training and instruction the ____ University can provide me will help me gain more experience in the hospital environment and become a highly skilled health care specialist. With my experience in customer relations, proven people skills, and passion for the medical field, I believe that I have what it takes to make it through this path, with the help of the program.


I. Introduction

A. Stepping stones to my real goal

i. I’m a good salesman according to a lot of people. However, when I search myself, I know that my real passion lies in the medical field.
ii. I’ve worked as a cashier, clerk, and held many sales jobs before, but these are only stepping stones so I could go to med school.
iii. I worked my through earning a bachelor’s degree in Life Science as a pre-med.

B. Applying for the _____ program

i. The program will help me earn a medical degree through world-class instruction and training methods.
ii. My goal is to become a patient coordinator and be able to work in a hospital environment.
iii. I believe that my experience, proven customer relations skills, and passion will help me succeed.

II. My work experience and educational background

A. Education and affiliation

i. I earned a degree in Life Science as a pre-med.
ii. I completed a course for echocardiogram technicians and phlebotomy technicians in 2009.
iii. I was awarded the High School Advanced Regents Diploma and was a member of Red Cross Club in high school.
iv. I’m a member of the _____ Honor’s Society from 2006 until now.
v. I was part of the symposium on research and creative experience in 2010.
vi. I was part of the the research conducted among undergraduate and graduate students that will be published by _____ University.

B. Volunteer experience

i. I am a volunteer lab technician and researcher for a medical science pavillion from March 2010 until now.
ii. I was a volunteer research analyst for _____, where I researched about Alzheimer cases and the behavior of patients.
iii. I was a tutor/counselor for ___ Public Library from 2004 to 2006.

C. Work experience

i. I worked as a real estate salesman for _______ in New York from 2007 to 2009.
ii. I also worked as a recreation attendant, cash clerk, customer service advisor, and customer service staff and clerk to support myself and be able to earn a pre-med degree.

D. Skills and character traits

i. From my experiences, I gained intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office/Windows OS/ A+ Certification.
ii. I am also an NHA-certified EKG technician and phlebotomy technician.
iii. I have good people skills, ability to solve problems and quickly respond to situations, and have become very analytical.
iv. My experience will speak for themselves and show that I am hardworking, responsible, and committed.

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