Business is in My Blood

Working for several years now, I have learned a few things about succeeding in the workplace: the need for genuine talent, dedication to your craft, and pragmatic approach to running any business. Nothing is truer than the fact that education should continue until the end of our lives, and I have taken this principle to heart. That’s why I am seriously interested in pushing the envelope further, as far as what I know about business is concerned. Now that global business activities are moving fast as ever, I’d like to be able to gain the practical knowledge, skills, and instincts that I need to stay on top, face my competition, and be able to conduct business here and abroad.


I. Introduction

A. I am feeling a sense of urgency that I need to learn more about general management.

B. Geographical boundaries have almost been eliminated now in world business. What else do I need to know to adapt to this changing norm?

C. I am pursuing an MBA because of its effect on my credibility and the practical knowledge I will be gaining from it, which will help me keep abreast with the changing times.

II. Work and educational profile

A. I have assumed many business roles with several companies in the past, fulfilling all of my assigned tasks and consistently going beyond the required call of duty.

B. My academic achievements have been above par and without question.

C. I’ve had an adventurous academic life and allowed myself to participate in many extra-curricular activities and other social groups that helped me build a better network and contributed much to my experience.

III. Validating my choice of institution

A. Your curriculum and proud academic history are without blemish. I would like to be a part of your future alumni.

B. The quality of education that you provide is closely aligned to my goals and the reasons why I’m pursuing further studies.

C. Logistics: you are located where I want and need to be.

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