Example personal statement: Management in the 21st Century

There is a new economic paradigm in the world today, one that can be described as having no borders. The typical manager now has to deal with work standards that refuse to be specific to just one company or state. Businesses from around the world can now learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. The question is: where can I learn more about these standards? I have worked for companies that have been successful in their own chosen fields, but my contribution to their success will not guarantee that I will be able to achieve tha same results with another business. There is simply so much more to learn about managing people and businesses.


I. Introduction

A. The state of corporate management today.

B. The norms of the past versus the standards of today’s business.

C. There are things I still need to learn about general business management, hence my desire to pursue further studies on the subject. I want to learn more about management innovations that are not restricted by proprietary company standands: rules that will apply around the world.

II. My educational and professional background

A. I graduated from my engineering studies without incident.

B. My professional background can be described as being productive. I have made good use of my skills working for these companies.

C. I am now running my own business and is more determined than ever to learn the ropes and challenge my preconceptions about how a business should be managed in these trying times.

III. My choice of institution

A. Field of study – Your school provides a curriculum that is interesting to me. My interest will drive my determination to continue my studies.

B. Location – Your institution is located in the immediate vicinity of my business. This is very important to me because of obvious logistical reasons.

C. Quality – Your school has a reputation for providing excellent education.

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