Personal Statement Example: Reaching My Vision by Pursuing MBA studies

I have been working for a few years now and I have seen that the international business industry requires a combination of skills, qualifications and determination. While success in this field does not necessarily require all three elements, possessing all of these attributes, I believe, should give me the upper hand in my fight to stay relevant and productive in this ever-changing field. I believe that we all have what it takes — I have what it takes — to keep myself in the game. What I need now are well-established mentors that will keep me challenged, wondering and focused.


I. Introduction

A. What I know about the MBA program.

B. How is this MBA program relevant to my career: my views on credentials and accomplishments.

C. I am pursuing my MBA studies simply because it will be beneficial to me and the people I work with. It’s all about credibility and what I can bring to the table.

II. My achievements as a student and a professional

A. I completed my university studies without incident and with respectable results.

B. My education didn’t stop when I fininshed my studies. I continued to attend seminars and classes on business-related topics. These courses provided me with additional tools to effectively survive in the tough business environment.

C. Everywhere I worked, I exceeded the expectations of my superiors. It’s a fact that I’m proud of and what motivates me to further my studies.

III. My choice of institution

A. Logistics – This is my main concern. I prefer where I work and where I intend to study to be in the same area. It’s a simple matter of practicality.

B. Standards – your institution has the reputation for being one of the best. That’s enough reason for me to study at your institution.

C. Quality – It will all depend on the people running the institution. Your reputation precedes you.

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